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    Doug Most is a lifelong journalist and author whose career has spanned newspapers and magazines up and down the East Coast, with stops in Washington, D.C., South Carolina, New Jersey, and Boston. He was named Journalist of the Year while at The Record in Bergen County, N.J., for his coverage of a tragic story about two teens charged with killing their newborn. After a stint at Boston Magazine, he worked for more than a decade at the Boston Globe in various roles, including magazine editor and deputy managing editor/special projects. His 2014 nonfiction book, The Race Underground, tells the story of the birth of subways in America and was made into a PBS/American Experience documentary. He has a BA in political communication from George Washington University. Profile

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There are 5 comments on What Issues Will Decide the 2022 Midterm Elections?

  1. Leave it to academia to get it wrong once again …

    The last person to comment gets it right – The Economy is THE NUMBER ONE ISSUE on voters minds, and that one goes against the Ds VERY hard as they’ve jammed through a socialist agenda in the past 20+ months that has driven us straight into an inflationary mess .. far too much governmental spending on partisan ideas – we ALL want to be greener, but the answer ISN’T to stop all fossil fuels and especially before the grids are strengthened .. pronouns are important – but much less so if you can’t feed your family because groceries are off the page expensive, and with interest rates doubling, the American dream of homeownership is fluttering away from many .. the economy is NUMBER ONE.

    Crime, and the wildly increasing rates, is NUMBER TWO – and NONE of your interviewees even mentioned it .. people WANT to feel safe in their homes/communities/work places/etc AND THEY DON’T .. and this too, bends away from the Ds as they’ve oddly shifted towards obsessing on the rights of the perpetrators of crime as opposed to the victims .. this is leaving FAR too many ‘bloodied up individuals’ looking for answers than politicians can answer – these bail reforms HAVEN’T worked, the weak on crime stance is a failure, and ‘defunding police’ is this century’s most bizarre chant

    THIRD is illegal immigration .. the FLOOD of illegal immigrants that have entered this country in 20 months is roughly equal to the ENTIRE POPULATION of several western states COMBINED .. and it’s NOT WEAKENING .. this is a HUGE issue, and ignoring it/hiding the effects/blaming it away on others ISN’T gonna solve the problem .. politicians are inept – this isn’t news, but voters WANT this fixed and they just keep dodging .. and by the way, this issue also breaks hard away from the Ds

    There will be a red wave this year and the above tells you why .. abortion IS an important matter, climate change is meaningful, and people do care about social justice .. BUT, the economy, crime and illegal immigration will drive the results

    Happy trails,

    1. you don’t speak for the entirety of the United States’ priorities. This was six individual people sharing their own opinions which happened to differ from yours. The economy isn’t the NUMBER ONE issue on my mind either so… that’s just your opinion.

  2. HAHA unreal! These are professional panderers. It’s the perfect snapshot of how the Dem regime, through its arms journalism & academia, is squandering all credibility and respect.

    Did you notice they totally dropped Covid as a talking point?

  3. It’s pretty disrespectful to compare a potential Republican-controlled Congress to the Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany, or present-day China. Sorry, but these dreaded pro-life Republican senators aren’t exactly planning on committing a Holocaust or an ethnic cleansing a la Xinjiang. I also find the take that economic issues should take less precedence than ~democracy~ in this election very dismissive. The professors writing this clearly have stable, well-paying jobs, can afford to live in a HCOL area like Boston, and came of age in an era where finding a job was much, much easier. As a college senior, the economy certainly affects me more than vague claims of looming fascism (which I have never experienced despite being a minority woman). Inflation is mocked, but it hits a lot harder when you’re making $15 an hour. And I’m going to be graduating into a job market that was absolutely decimated by recent economic/Covid-related policies. Unless you want to personally find me and every other young adult in my position a well-paying job come May, don’t tell me that partisan hysteria should take precedence over the economy.

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