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There are 27 comments on How Close Are We to World War III?

  1. Do you follow the news? Have you heard about Mariupol? Have you seen what is left of the small villages outside of Kyiv after the Russian troops retracted? The rapes, the murders, the plunder? How can you square all this with your point about “the poor comparison between the human rights abuses that the Nazi regime engaged in and the Putin regime is engaged in”?? And it looks like what we are hearing and seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg. I bet you do not speak Russian and have not a slightest idea what the Russian propaganda machine and Putin himself actually say about their plans to “wipe Ukraine off the face of the earth” if you call him “careful” and “risk-averse”. What an embarrassingly mistaken position!

  2. What if Ukraine wins? Because China has more people in Russia and China plus U.S.A is helping Ukraine and the equal is 375675339.402 and Russia has only a Couple millions so what if Ukraine wins and attacks another country with less population like Malta eventually starting the world war?

  3. What I think is that Putin is being stupid trying to gain Ukraine, all because Ukraine use to be apart of Soviet Union, just like Russia was. All of this is just Putin becoming another Hitler, by just trying to gain control of Ukraine, yet I think he is going to lose… and I hope he does

    1. i agree with you dude in some cases I don’t believe we’ll have a ww3 but in some ways I do because china is threatening to get involved and if china gets in on it others will too.

  4. I don’t think Putin is stupid. He seems to be more calculating. We cannot win this conflict by weapons. I see Russia getting eastern Ukraine and promises of no NATO pack. It’s the horrible conclusion they must consider before there is no Ukraine left. However, all the hostages must be freed on both sides. Never again is not working.

  5. We know that if we go to war, war will get out of hand. They, we don’t really care who wins? The end of the world as we know it. Saw a interview with a solider. It didn’t look good. Halding back of what’s going to become of that War. The guy look like he knew what was going to become of this. Wonder what military knows? The guy looked beat. Doing what he’s told. Sorry guy, your a good solider.

  6. I think this is a fine article, but what if we get into World War III? I felt like Americans want to fight the Russians, but Russia is bigger, how is America supposed to fight a bigger country is my question. I’ve seen a lot of supporting Ukraine flags on the tress wrapped. Another question, How close are we to when America will fight?

    1. Russia is not “bigger” in any way thats relevant. Russia also wouldn’t be fighting the US, it would be fighting NATO. The USA has a larger, better equipped, and better trained military than Russia does.

      Russia couldn’t possibly win a direct conflict with NATO and has to be aware of that fact.

      The only real ace card russia holds is its old soviet nuclear arsenal, though who knows how functional it is after seeing the condition of russias conventional forces.

      Invading russia would be extremely stupid, but stopping them from invading others is a imperative. The only thing a bully understands is force. If you try and appease him and offer him a chunk of ukraine if he stops fighting he will see it as weakness and have zero reason to change his tactics. Why would he if he knows he can just invade the next country and demand a chunk of it while waving around his nukes as a threat?

      If you give in now you will have to face this same scenario again and again. This is something most of us should have learned in grade school.

      The last thing I want to point out is vital. Nothing the west does will be the reason for “escalation”. Putin started this and anything that happens, up to and including nuclear armageddon will be his fault.

      Listening to some people victim blame is nauseating. Its like a husband saying his wifes bruises are her fault for escalating. If only she had just done what he said he wouldnt have had to hit her. If ukraine or the west had only done as putin demanded none of this would have happened. Its domestic abuse on a global scale.

      1. Yes, but if the U.S. is better equipped, why does Russia have the same amount of nuclear warheads as The U.S. here is info to back this statement up. Of the 14,500 nuclear weapons on the planet, Russia and the United States own the lion’s share, with a combined total of approximately 13,350 nukes. The remaining 1,150 weapons are held by seven countries. I got this information from CNBC your welcome to check it out just search up America and Russia, the world’s two biggest nuclear powers, are threatening to make more weapons. Here’s how many nukes each nation has.

    2. Why is there so much discussion about the Ukraine “war”?
      Where is the concern about Palestine and Israel conflict? Yemen and Arabian conflict?
      There is not only white skinned people in the world. All humans have the same color of blood.

  7. Russia is the idiot here
    Mainly just Putin.
    Reason for it is the soldiers were told it was just a practice and once they got there Putin said ” oh yeah this isn’t to practice good luck :D ” and now he’s losing his own damn battle
    y’all this is the reason car manuals tell you not to drink battery juice

  8. This scares me to bits. I am not ready for a world war and have been praying for weeks, I never wish this upon Ukraine. Putin is just a child and he is burning down people, there life but most of all nerves and hearts.

    If this does happen I don’t think anyone will be able to tolerate it and many lives are going to be killed.

    Terrifying and sad or world may come to this eventually.

  9. We just moved a great deal closer to WW3 with Putin annexing 4 Ukrainian regions and declaring them “Russian Soil” that he will “defend with any and all means”. He will use his nukes, and NATO will have no choice but to use theirs, If they do not Putin will then take the rest of Ukraine, then the Latvian countries, then Poland, Finland, etc, he will NOT stop. He is insane and cares not for life or anyone but his one demented desire to rule and win. So when he lobs the first nuke you can say goodbye to our civilization as it has been clearly shown with simulations one nuke leads to more leads to them all being launched. The Earth will have to evolve another intelligent species in about a million or so years when the radiation finally dissipates.

  10. Dictators protect themselves between the strong military fence and the propaganda they have built and The fate of others and even their own nation is not important to them.Everyone is talking about how America should deal with them But they often forget how much America helped to make them strong.America must start from itself. Groups and powers that support the enemies of democracy should not enjoy the benefits of democracy in America and its allies Otherwise, the world of democracy has already lost the war

  11. Putin and Zelenskyy are too far apart for any negotiating to work, and I don’t see that changing. The West has already decided that Ukraine is going to be victorious. Putin will do whatever he has to, to not suffer complete humiliation. Even if he is killed or ousted, his successor may be worse. Hold on to your seats.

  12. If we get to say Russia and China are not “true” democracies, then India (which the United States has been working so hard to build ties with) is even less so a democracy, now that Modi is their Prime Minister.

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