Weekly COVID Compliance Report: December 11

COVID on Campus

Weekly COVID Compliance Report: December 11

Fewer students on campus resulted in fewer warnings and sanctions

December 11, 2020
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No surprise, but as the campus started to empty out, compliance figures among students went down as well, according to the Dean of Students office. From December 4 to 10, there were 190 students who had their Wi-Fi and BU ID deactivated for failing to comply with testing or attestation protocols. And there were 774 warnings issued for noncompliance with testing. The rest of the week’s numbers are below.

Current #Last Week #Description
2,036Warnings issued for not submitting daily attestations
774Warnings issued for missing or failing to schedule COVID-19 tests
Number of individual students not in compliance
8Reports of noncompliance with face coverings
0Reports of physical distancing concerns
0Reports of noncompliant on-campus gatherings
2Reports of noncompliant off-campus gatherings
190Students sanctioned for noncompliance
Students suspended
3Isolation/quarantine housing violations
0Guest violations
December 11

Covid Compliance Numbers

December 11

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Weekly COVID Compliance Report: December 11

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There are 3 comments on Weekly COVID Compliance Report: December 11

  1. Do you have any idea the stress BU has put on these kids with “ sanctions”. BU has the reputation of being the strictest school,with covid regulations. Not the safest. The strictest. Prior to the semester Dean Elmore posted many short videos. If people,go back and look at these videos he clearly states there will be no punishments or repercussions. Just reminders to these students. That’s was not the truth. Nor was it the truth to say “come back to campus for in person classes and we are open”. Every class for my student was remote. The schedule said in person until we paid tuition. Then it went online. If the school could not open and let these students go to class don’t open. And the punishments are ridiculous! Learn from other schools where the students are experiencing college and are ok!

    1. If on-campus students agreed to and signed a compliance statement (which I would imagine BU made them sign one), they must abide by the rules in which they agreed to, in order to keep their peers, instructors, and other school staff safe. Taking away Wi-Fi access and disabling student IDs are minor “repercussions”, compared to what could have happened (i.e., have holds put on their accounts so they cannot sign up for classes, be removed from campus, suspended from school, etc.). As a student at BU and a high school teacher, it is imperative that all students and staff follow the rules that the administration have put in place to keep everyone safe. If you aren’t going to follow the rules, you can leave. Go entirely remote, take a semester off, do whatever you need to do. Those who care to keep the members of their community safe, can stay in person. It’s simple.

      1. Yea but if I was paying the absolute highway robbery level tuition these to have my services taken away (dining and wifi that has already been paid for-enjoy the lawsuits) I would for sure dropout. If you work for BU I mean whatever, follow their ridiculous rules but if you are a student get out while you can and go to a less totalitarian college if possible. There is still tenuous (at best) evidence that any of this is stemming rates of infection…

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