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There are 16 comments on BU Jumps Higher in Latest Times Higher Education Global Universities Rankings

  1. While people can dispute,ad nauseum,the methodologies used for compiling rankings, the truth is that they matter significantly.Whether it is research support, application volume or alumni zeal, the higher the better. Congrats to the senior management team at BU for its stellar performance.

  2. President Silber who made this University and considered the college ranking “bogus”, has given preference to strong academics over embracing a magazine’s rating and the counterculture movements of his time. He did not celebrate mediocrity.

    Every day, the current BU administration drifts further from his legacy. Then again, the band plays on as the Titanic sinks.

      1. Yes, let’s forget his legacy, facts, and numbers. Let’s rename the street. Let’s replace it with ode to mediocrity of the current BU administration. Let’s celebrate the euphoria of claiming two or five places in some rating made by someone who never even set foot in BU. BTW where is BU in per student endowment ratings? That’s right, that is the measure of the current state of BU.

        1. Silber was a joke. He was hated by students and faculty. He was one of the highest paid presidents ever and remained so eve after he retired. That is why your endowment is not where you think it should be. I will never donate money to the University for that very reason. I personally know at least ten others who give the same reason. He refused to sit a student government that won the election because less than 50% Of the student body voted in the election. Did he even know what country he was living in? He attended an awards dinner every year that recognized student leaders for their accomplishments in extra circular activities and berated them for doing extra circular activities instead of focusing on their studies. Every year, same thing. How disrespectful to my fellow ROTC members. I didn’t realize choosing to serve your country was an extra circular activity. If he didn’t like students on sports scholarships then he offer them scholarships. Plain and simple he was a bully because he was picked on when he was young. It was ironic that he was a college president because he hated most college students. He inflated the costs of the university to astronomical heights( I think it was the third most expense school in the world when I attended). He tried to censor the student newspaper. Finally he was on the wrong side of history when it came to the Vietnam war and Apartheid. Like the other guy said, don’t mythologized this guy. He wasn’t that great.

      2. I was a student during the Silber era, and I was NOT a local.
        I went to Boston specifically to go to BU, and that would NEVER have happened before Silber. I grew up in a suburb with a top public high school sending kids regularly to Harvard, MIT, and the like. I had the grades and even got into an Ivy, but chose BU. Silber’s transformation of BU made me not regret that decision. I had a top academic experience at BU during his era, which was fulfilling while there and led to many opportunities upon graduating.

        If anything the school has even more to offer now than back then.

        If anything, any backsliding is the city of Boston not being the “college town” it once was. Most of the cheap college oriented entertainment and housing seems gone and replaced by expensive condos, hotels, luxury malls or overprice dumps in terms of housing. This has become a city for the rich making it tougher than ever financially to attend BU. But the academics were good under Silber and from what I observe now, still very good.

  3. How on earth is BC ranked 35th in US News rankings and BU (with medical/dental schools, biomedical and regenerative research, NEIDL, many more areas of study, more colleges/schools, far more scientific research, significantly more masters and doctoral programs, London campus, significantly stronger global rankings/reputation etc. etc.) is only ranked 42nd? Makes absolutely no sense. Is US News part of the Boston Globe network? Or are there just more BC alumni working there?

    1. I have argued that for years!! I think much of it come down to our higher acceptance rate for undergraduate which can be attributed to 2 main factors: CGS and International students. Both are not eligible for financial aid which makes for good business. It’s a fine balance as they help underwrite Aid fit other kids (I was one of them).
      Plus the kids are just smarter at BU:)! In all seriousness a lot of BU kids just missed going to a top 20 school or didn’t get enough aid at these schools, whereas for a lot of BC students it is their primary choice.

      1. Students at CGS are eligible for financial aid Yaqub. I agree that BU should absolutely be ranked higher but just a quick fact check.

        Source: BU CGS alum who received financial aid

  4. I received a Master’s degree in Urban Studies at BU many years ago. It was a rewarding experience although I was well into my adulthood when I received my degree and didn’t experience living on campus.
    I support the school annually with an end-of-year contribution.

  5. Forget Silber. He is a has been and of good riddance. At best Silber was initally successful at improving the reputation of the school. However, after his marketing campaign hit a dead end he was unable to further improve the BU’s educational and research environments. As a consequence of Sibler’s mismanagement BU was stagnant nationally for many years. NIH and other research funding languished, SAT scores were stagnant, and alumni involvement and donation percentages were a tiny fraction of today’s numbers.

    Kudos to the people who removed him. The present administration demonstrates as higher standard of achievement across the board. If you’re a fan of Silber then spend some time with him wiping away his tears and babysitting his broken ego.

  6. NYU is not the only significant mover in the upper echelons of the ranking. The University of Cambridge has advanced to second, up from fourth last year. With the University of Oxford holding on to the number one spot for the second year in a row, this means that two UK universities lead the rankings for the first time in the 14 years we have been compiling them.

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