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There are 20 comments on Finding the Inner Light in Painter Edward Hopper’s Characters

  1. I saw the dress rehearsal on Tuesday evening and immediately my tired soul awakened–Sunlight Interior is brilliant, magical, special and wondrous–I LOVED IT!!! Professor Cassell is truly magnificent–his drive, his passion, his dedication to collaboration and his risk taking abilities in an inspiration just not to me personally but to all of us. I am so proud to be his student and cannot wait to see this work again this weekend. Thank you for sharing a fantastic article!

  2. Saw the performance this evening and was blown away. Wow wow wow. This article captures the magic of the production and the video clip is a perfect teaser to what is experienced on stage, thank you deeply! The production is a dream–whimsical, poetic, seamless, haunting and deeply moving. Professor Cassell directs the cast toward perfection.

  3. Professor Yo-EL Cassell is magical, transformative and a risk taker. His direction for Sunlight is impeccable. I saw it last night and the images are still resonating in my consciousness this morning. Thank you for shining a “light” on this fantastic work and all who developed it. Bravo!

  4. This afternoon I had the tremendous pleasure of catching the matinee performance of this production. I left completely changed and deeply moved–From the impeccable and imaginative movement direction, cinematic and fluid in its structure, to the breathtaking designs, awe-inspiring, magical and transportive, through the outstanding performances (I couldn’t believe they were students–truly professional), I was blown away. Professor Yo-EL Cassell is underrated in my opinion. My son speaks of how he has changed him with his teaching and how he has inspired him with his direction. BU is lucky to have him on the faculty.

  5. I have been a huge fan of Mr. Yo-EL Cassell for quite some time and after his impeccable work last night for Sunlight Interior, I know why. He creates moving pieces of theatre that not only inspire but truly bring out the best in everyone—the performers were just brilliant, the designs beautiful, the elements inspiring. Thank you for highlighting not only this work but a professor who truly gives it all for the craft of movement, for his students and for the community at large. I am still thinking of the images from the production and know I will for some time now. Thank you.

  6. My wife and I attended a performance on Friday night and immediately cancelled our plans for the rest of the weekend to attend the remaining performances as well. We LOVED it–from the direction to the performances, the work captured the tremendous practice being embraced and embodied from by the students and design team. The images are resonating and our hearts are full. Professor Cassell has lifted movement practice to another level at BU SOT. The students are not just merely doing steps which can be taught anywhere but embodying those steps with truth, dimensional colors and great developed skill sets. Thank you for shedding light on a wonderful production. My wife and I wished it ran longer for more people to view. While wonderfully produced at Studio One, a show like this should have been at the Booth for a larger public profile, showcasing a work that actually demonstrates what is being practiced in the classrooms.

  7. A wonderful highlight on a brilliant production which I saw this past Saturday evening. Professor Cassell’s imagination, direction and overall gifts is something to cherish. He brought out and showcased the best out of every student and they shined passionately. I am still thinking about the show–left me speechless.

  8. Thank you for publishing a fantastic profile of this production and of Professor Cassell’s work. Witnessing the production on Sunday was the highlight of my year so far–so filled with invention, imagination, heart, beautiful performances, gorgeous designs, impeccable direction and fabulous magic. I have been a big fan of his work from afar and thrilled BU embraces his spirit, art and contributions daily. Harvard is jealous!

  9. This is just wonderful–I am a CAS student and went to the show based on a recommendation from a friend. The production blew me away–so full of heart, imagination, wonderful performances and images that still haunt me. The opening number, discreetly featured here to not give away to much, was spellbinding. When it repeats again in the show, everything clicks like a great mystery novel–all of the images connect beautifully. I highly look forward to seeing what InMotion Theatre does next. Thank you again for featuring this wonderful Initiatives work.

  10. What a wonderful read of a marvelous production which I saw three times in its short run. This was one of the most refreshing productions I have seen in a long time. The images are still radiating for me a week and half after. Professor Yo-EL Cassell is a gift to the BU community.

  11. Once again, similar to last year’s production yet entirely and uniquely different, InMotion Theatre delivered a beautiful and moving production filled with powerful imagery, fabulous performances (I still cannot believe these are students) and impeccable direction from Professor Yo-EL Cassell. Like watching a film, the scenes seamlessly and magically interweave showcasing moving designs (the set, costumes, music, lighting all integrate so beautifully) and movement that truly captures what it means to be human. Thank you deeply for spotlighting the work of movement, of CFA and of Professor Cassell.

  12. A wonderful profile of a tremendous production that was filled with heart, invention and excellence. Professor Cassell is a gift to the community and the students shined.

  13. InMotion Theatre is a such a wonderful performativd platform for students to practice their craft, truly trusting their bodies as enough.This production, beautifully directed with magic and heart, created space for the students to access their vulnerabilities that moved my family and I deeply. Thank you for writing an article that reminds me of the feelings I felt watching it.

  14. A fantastic profile of a tremendous production. InMotion Theatre is a great initiative at BU, allowing the students to truly trust their bodies. Sunlight Interior was filled with heart, thoughtfulness and pure beauty–the performers were fantastic and the direction was mesmerizing. Loved it!

  15. Professor Yo-EL Cassell is a gift to the BU community and thank you for profiling a wonderful production that was filled with magic, heart, creativity and fluid storytelling. I was hooked from the moment it started.

  16. An exquisite production from start to finish–My family loved every moment of it. The students shined brightly, the design team delivered professionally and the direction, along with the movement direction, was in a field of its own. Bravo for highlighting not only the production, not only the students but the inspired and stunning work of Professor Cassell.

  17. Quick question to BUTODAY–Why is this listed under “Music” catagory. While music plays a huge part of this wonderful production, I would think it should be under the “theatre” catagory? Not to put any labels on it but since there is a label on it, perhaps reconsider? Thanks!

  18. Wonderful to read this again— I still remember every moment of this mesmerizing production. Professor Cassell creates physical dreams filled with beauty and hope.

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