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There are 6 comments on Commencement Student Speaker’s Road to Self-Discovery

  1. Dear Yasmin,

    Nice speech for the most part, but I am perplexed why you turned it political at the very end? Also, myself and many Iraqi Americans that listened to it are still wondering why only black lives matter? What about all the other races? And your support for Palestinians is commendable but why didn’t you mention the plight of the poor Iraqis that have lost hundreds of thousands of lives more than Palestinians – why don’t you mention how Iran is systematically destroying Iraq and established a sectarian/authoritarian government since 2003 ? Or maybe you can see it in yourself to denounce any the Iranian backed terrorist Militias called Alhashd that roams Iraq killing people of a different sect and pretending that they are fighting ISIS bastards …Or maybe you were raised to believe that Iraqi lives don’t matter much cuz they are neither black nor Palestinian!

    I will assume you chose which political message to disseminate at this event based solely on public consumption and to get the crowd cheering. If true, then thats pathetic

    I suggest that next time you give a speech that you show some support for the poor Iraqi people- if infact your parents are originally Iraqi which I am now skeptical about.

    We are not impressed !

    And for what it’s worth – I will say it again: ALL lives matter regardless of skin color or ethnicity or religion….stop racism!


    1. Ahmed —

      Your “all lives matter” point is counterintuitive; it is like saying “save the rainforest” vs “save the trees” — it is not saying that all trees do not matter, but rather that rainforests are in danger at a rate other trees are simply not. the point of black lives matter is not to comment on how other lives do not matter and it has never been that and to reduce it as such is an act of narcissism. as a white woman, I am simply not targeted by other white people / police / etc. as poc are. Black lives mattering is an issue that is integral to the US now; it is just not a comment on other races! and as someone that was there, Yasmin’s speech was amazing. I am impressed!

      What I’m not impressed with is the previous comment, how it misinterpreted and critiqued Yasmin’s speech in all the wrong ways.

      Her speech stood out, even next to John Lewis (!!!!) What a feat, what a woman.

  2. Ali-

    I disagree that the police treat or mistreat anyone based on their skin color- maybe back in the 60s- but not today. Attitude, resisting arrest or even mouthing off can set off a chain reaction – I’m “brown” and have been pulled over for speeding many times over the years and have never had an issue and have been treated with the utmost respect. Treat our men in blue with respect and I guarantee it that there will not be an issue.

    Cops now are afraid to pull over any blacks cuz they don’t wanna deal with all the drama.

    I am sure this is not what you wanna hear, but the difference between us is that I am realistic while you live in lala land.

    You should stop advocating that people should get preferential treatment cuz of their skin color- EVERYONE on earth is the same!


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