ASDB: Reaching Out For Diversity

We strongly believe that the rich diversity at BU gives every student a better experience and a better education. It helps us attract not only exceptional students from around the world and from minority groups at home, but all students who want to learn in a setting where cultural and intellectual differences flourish.

The Admissions Student Diversity Board (ASDB) helps keep us one of America’s most diverse centers of learning by actively recruiting from multicultural communities. This student organization works with Admissions to increase enrollment and enrich the experience of African-American/Black, Latino/Hispanic, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and Native American students at BU.

ASDB’s four committees approach their mission in different ways.

  • The Community Outreach Committee maintains relationships with the many multicultural clubs and organizations on campus. They also stay closely connected to the Student Activities Office, Cultural Consortium and the Howard Thurman Center.
  • The Public Relations Committee oversees ASDB social media to help support current and prospective students by creating a sense of community.
  • The Boston Outreach Committee serves as the face of ASDB to the local community. Committee members provide campus tours, serve as hosts and make presentations to local middle schools and high schools. Their goal is to show the benefits of BU’s diverse environment through the eyes of current students.
  • The Community Building Committee ensures that we are a tight-knit family. They work to put together our fall orientation for new ASDB members, get-to-know-you activities during ASDB meetings, and the spring ASDB retreat.

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Visit campus and meet ASDB students in person

To learn more about visiting campus click here. To meet an ASDB member, contact us at

If you’d like to bring a school or student organization to the University and meet ASDB members, we can arrange a special itinerary for you. Please call BU Admissions at 617-353-2318 to schedule your visit.