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There are 9 comments on Frank Discussion at Marsh Chapel’s Ferguson Forum

  1. This event was not well publicized at all! I wish I could have attended to hear exactly what each community leader had to say rather than this synopsis.

    1. I was disappointed that there was no mention at all of the significant role of the opportunist race baiters who seized upon this incident and made it racial, when there is profound eyewitness evidence–provided by other black citizens– that the officer involved was attacked by Michael Brown and seriously injured. The 3 autopsies performed on Brown ALL showed that he was shot in the front (not the back with his hands raised, as his friend said), as he charged the officer. That doesn’t fit the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” agenda that arose from Brown’s death. This information is public but has not been extensively reported; one wonders whether that is the result of it not supporting the fiction of the unarmed gentle giant, or of the political incorrectness of questioning the platforms of a Reverend Sharpton, of the current Attorney General.

      If our duty as educators, our role as citizens, and our hope as human beings is to learn the truth, no matter how inconvenient that truth may be, our first response to any troubling incident must be willingness to give equal attention to all the information. If we are to realize of the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr., none of us can take precipitous and, often, violent action at the behest of anyone else, particularly those whose personal agendae are based on fostering division instead of unity.

      1. Are you serious?? The autopsies showed that he was shot in the arms in ways that show that he was putting his hands up in the surrender position. The officer shot, missed, and when Michael turned around with his hands up, was shot and killed, yes, from the front. The Profound eyewitness evidence shows that he was grabbed by the police officer. Seriously injured? I honestly and hoping you’re not talking about the eye injury, which has been debunked. That was a picture from a medical school from a few years ago, not Darren Wilson. I hope YOU’RE not an educator here, because what you definitely are is a white supremacist. DO NOT use MLK to further your agenda when he would have been out there marching with the Ferguson protestors too. Michael WAS unarmed. Take your freakin lies out of here. A young man was murdered. You’re delusional.

        1. Jay, I don’t know where you get your news, but I would question the validity of the story they are promoting. I know you might be disappointed by the eventual outcome of this incident, but that is no reason to label someone as a racist, lier, or delusional just because they have a different understanding. I’ m sure if MLK were alive today he would distance himself from your mindset and the violence perpetrated by some of protestors.

        2. Shut up, he explained. Is this what passes for discourse at BU? How embarrassing.

          “The autopsy couldn’t say, however, whether the unarmed teenager was retreating, charging or if he had his hands up when he was killed…” (St. Louis Post Dispatch,

          “The officer who fatally shot an unarmed Ferguson youth suffered a fracture to his eye bone in a scuffle with Michael Brown, according to a family friend.” (The Washington Post,

          Ultimately it may be proven that neither of these reports are correct; however, someone is hardly a “white supremacist” for citing them.

  2. Children are being terrorized globally. In light of this article, racism is a reflection of the deeper hatred within the soul, a hatred learned based on cultural “normative” and “ruler-ship”. Who and what creates a “ruler-ship” who makes the rules on where investments of human life, social responsibility and cooperation go?

    The first question is, how do you enlighten a nation on its systematic oppressive structures which those in positions of power refuse to invest finances in changing?

    The second question is, how do you enlighten a narcissitic culture (“me 1st” and “no truths, but many truths”) of historical leaders who refuse to acknowledge that they are not enlightened. Enlightened beings do not blindfold themselves to systematic terrorization as a national/regional/cultural norm.

    Questions permit you to search:
    A man/woman does not change what he knows, he/she changes what he does when he cares. Caring stops hatred. A person cares only when he/she seeks universal truth about what he/she does not know about the darkness in them, and what mutual respect looks like (external to their concepts of love); then with deeper self-understanding found profitable to themselves they desire to change their world.

    An ignorant man/woman (i.e. many a nation/fallen tower) who lacks self-awareness (of privledge and their history of privledge = power) cannot begin to desire to see the destructive paths he has paved for the marginalized who speak out against experiences which destroy the human dignity.

    Do we have a self-aware nation who knows how America came to be (not from the hero lens only) and acknowledge that each person’s actions is a reflection of the psychologies of their parents culture? No self-awareness equals slow response to national change.

    When a country/nation/large body of conglomerate “owns” it’s own division and hatred, then solutions can adequately be implemented; because self-knowledge (introspection), and repeated experiential understanding, arises before personhood and nation change.

    AD, Anthropologist in National Histories of National Oppression, and Cultural Theologian.

  3. Disgusting…BU liberals want the police officers to not do their jobs, perhaps he should have offered his wallet to Michael Brown or let Brown harm someone else. Bottom line-Brown was a criminal, a criminal tried to kill a police officer and died as a result of this interaction, the interaction initiated by Brown the criminal!

  4. LOVE

    Pure and white
    Milk and honey
    Love is a treasure that blooms
    Like scented lilywhites on a sunbaked day
    Intoxicatingly mellifluous, milk and honey embracing scaphism
    Like swans in embracing at night – a heart-shaped glow
    Escaping the darkness in each other’s eyes
    It entwines us in ivory silk and bands of gold
    A little white dove for a man to hold
    A heaven on earth bestowed by god
    In an apholenic utopia with god’s word in one hand and roses bleeding in the other
    The two faces of white love and the white love has two faces
    Strange fruit, that god didn’t grow
    By the white hand of pure white love the created a crop of death – thy shall not kill –
    In brown fruit
    With a bible in one hand and rope in the other
    And God’s love rests in Ferguson where whites cloaks
    Are replaced with uniforms and guns they crucified him with twelve bullets
    And left him to bake in the sun
    He must have been more super-human than Jesus
    Twelve bullets but no electrical stun
    As history repeats itself again and again, again and again and over again
    Where is the love? In white palms with a bible in one and a gun in the other
    And brown faces which scream in horror have babies ripped from the womb
    In a flash of white, silver of the knife rose-red blood and pink they lovingly held her down and ripped the baby from her womb
    And through his pink lips he says his conscience is clear, he only killed another Jesse Washington –
    More palatably
    His conscience is clear but his soul is on fire, not in this world but in another
    White snake hisses: in faces like ours we see no wrong doing
    Brutality, transparency, with impunity for faces like ours
    Superiority beams its hypocrisy and nefarious deeds under god’s sun

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