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There are 86 comments on Boston Police Probe Second Alleged Hazing

  1. If I’m reading this story correctly, some unidentified people were found hazed in a non-BU affiliated apartment that also was home to a non-BU fraternity that we do not recognize. We don’t even know if the people involved were BU students. Throw the people responsible in jail, and encourage all BU students to avoid that frat like the plague.

    Also, to the “leaders of BU’s greek community” worried about your image: YOU need to be the ones discouraging this behavior, not just Dean Elmore. To the media: less than 10% of all students at BU are involved in Greek life.. please do not pass judgement on the whole university for this stupidity.

  2. Nothing I can think of is more representative of immaturity than hazing. It is completely unnecessary. If the object is to determine a pledge’s motivation, then there are many non-violent, safe ways to do so. If the object is to satisfy some sadistic bent, then get some therapy, because (“brothers and sisters”)you are sick.

    1. I definitely agree with you, just keep in mind not all fraternities/sororities haze their pledges, and being in Greek life is also one of the best things that ever happened to a lot of us. Yea hazing can get out of hand, but as you said, there are better ways to motivate and include the pledges in the organization.

  3. > “The leadership is concerned their reputation will be affected”

    Don’t worry, it won’t. I’m not sure if people inside Greek life realize just how poor their reputation is among people outside, but hazing is the least of your reputation problems, and everybody knows it happens anyway.

    1. True. These have been the first reported incidents of hazing in the past 10+ years, but does anyone really believe that this means there hasn’t been hazing in that long? I hope no one is actually that naive.

      The only students at BU who care about Greek life are the small population students in Greek life and freshmen who can’t find anywhere else to party.

  4. The biggest trap in college is people making you think you have to pay for friends. Then you get put through de-humanizing tests to see if you’re “one of them.” Hilarious how people cannot think for themselves.

    1. Don’t be so ignorant. I’m a member of a very successful fraternity on this campus, and i have seen so many arrogant views such as this and it makes me sick. Being in Greek life does not mean you pay for your friends. I have just as many friends if not more who are not involved in Greek life as i do my brothers. I pay for this fraternity because i love the values in brings forth, i love doing community service with a group of friends such as my brothers, and i love being part of an organization bigger than myself. The sanctions on these specific Greek life organizations have been brought about because they do not instill the same values and morals as other organizations do, so don’t be so immature as to classify a whole group of Greek life organizations because of one specific fraternity being ridiculous and stupid. In case you didn’t notice, calling out whole groups of people because of one persons or groups arrogance can cause a lot of distress and problems. Hilarious how you can say a fraternity is a trap and you can’t see past your own views.

      1. Yah okay. You and me both know that we joined Frats for the girls and booze. Community service? Hah give me a break, go put on your snapback kid and party it up in a grimy Alston basement with freshmen.

  5. What a lot of people and readers don’t understand is that Fraternities and Sororities are not all that people make them out to be. They are not organizations that go out every weekend and support underage drinking or haze their pledges, (or babies for sororities). They make-up a community on the BU campus that takes pride in who they are. All of them raise thousands of dollars every year for charities around Boston, they support good academic standing by all of their members, and provide support for the rest of your life, not just for college. People need to understand that this incident, as well as the SDT incident, is severely harming the image of Greek Life at Boston University, and it is caused by a non-member of their community (AEPi). If you are not a member of Greek Life, it is hard to see past the common misconceptions of Fraternities and Sororities, but for the sake of the 10% of the students at BU that are part of these organizations, try to fully understand how something like this makes the leadership concerned about their reputations. This is a huge blow to Greek Life at BU and other fraternities and sororities should not be forced to suffer because of the public’s misconceptions or the acts of a rogue organization that the school does not even recognize.

    1. You do not have to be affiliated with Greek life in any way, shape or form to go out, raise money for charities, and do volunteer work in the community.

      1. While that’s definitely true, why don’t you look around campus and take note on how Greek Life really takes the initiative on philanthropic involvement.

        Go, right now, into the GSU and take a look at the multitude of Greek organizations that are raising money for different charity organizations. While I absolutely agree that doing community service and philanthropy is not exclusive to Greek life, the reality is that BU Greek Life is one of the biggest single philanthropic organizations on campus. In terms of service hours, and funds raised, the good done by Greek Life is incredible.

        I agree with many of the above comments that the strong reputation that BU Greeks have built around campus, to the student body, and to the administration should not be affected by the actions of a rogue, unaffiliated group of students.

        If joining a fraternity or sorority is not for you, then don’t do it. Roughly 85% of Boston University does not join a fraternity. However, I don’t see why people find it necessary to attack BU Greek Life, especially when incidents like these as atrocious as they are have NOTHING to do with the established Greek community.

        1. Josh everything you said is true. I have to say though, the people who aren’t in Greek life that do philanthropy do just as much, they just don’t make signs and sell brownies and cookies. If you’re in a frat, I’d like to know out of curiosity how much hazing happens in BU affiliated organizations. I would be shocked to hear that it doesn’t actually happen.

          1. John. As a fraternity member I can tell you with confidence that not only does my chapter have a strict no hazing policy, but so does every other fraternity ON CAMPUS. Those fraternities who violate that strict standard (such as AEPi) are thrown off campus, removed from the IFC, and no longer become affiliated with the University (what happened to AEPi in the 1990’s).

            I hope that answers your question. There will always be antagonists of Greek Life and it’s unfortunate and it’s sad but such is life. I know people here this all the time and cliche as it is, you really can’t understand the benefits of Greek Life unless you are a part of it.

            BU has over 15k students roaming essentially 2 miles East and West of Comm. Ave. To me, joining Greek Life has given me a smaller, more intimate community within the larger university as a whole. You get the same feeling from joining a club, CSC, Athletics, or any other organization. You just don’t see the any of those other organizations attacked like Greek Life is.

          2. As a member of Greek Life on campus, my Fraternity takes numerous steps to avoid any circumstance that could be misunderstood as hazing. Any requirement or assessment is formally stated and cleared with the Student Activities Office. We do not hold rituals in private residences, but rather on-campus or at a publicly rented location. Alcohol and drugs are never a part of any event we host.

            We never have the concern that something will be “misunderstood” as hazing. If anyone ever has a second thought or question about whether or not something is hazing, we immediately reevaluate the necessity of that action and remove the entire requirement or the portion that could be viewed as hazing.

            There are simple steps to take to avoid hazing and the first one is to not haze intentionally. From there, actions need to be placed to avoid “accidentally” hazing.

        2. you said below that “As a fraternity member I can tell you with confidence that not only does my chapter have a strict no hazing policy, but so does every other fraternity ON CAMPUS.”

          But then we see SDT, which is officially recognized, violating this no hazing policy early this month. If what you said was true, we wouldn’t have had the earlier incident involving SDT. So its clear that at least SDT violated the hazing rule, why are you so certain other recognized greek life organizations do not violate it?

        3. I take offense to the idea that BU’s Greek community leads the way when it comes to philanthropic involvement. Most chapters are forced to fundraise as part of their charters, so the numbers are inflated from the start.

          But that aside there are some excellent student groups on campus with hundreds of members who engage BU’s community in a productive way. One group I belong to, the International Affairs Association, is a community that I have found at BU that gives me all the camaraderie and friendship of a Frat or Sorority without any of the negative press or sleazy parties. In fact, we are bringing together dozens of culturally-diverse student groups for our annual Global Village this weekend and all the proceeds go to a charity that helps children in developing countries. Other groups like the Community Service Center or sports and intramural clubs also provide BU students their own communities of friends, no hazing required.

          Greek Life at BU exists in it’s own world; a positive feedback loop of back patting and trivial awards. Here’s a heads-up: the rest of BU, the 90% of us who also get involved and pay tuition, are furious at what you have done to our school’s reputation lately. Of course it’s always going to be someone else’s fault, and of course your frat would NEVER do such a thing, but nonetheless you must recognize that your reputation as a whole is anything but strong right now on campus. Frankly, we’ve always just ignored you guys and let you have your fun, but now that all this is happening we have the right to demand an explanation.

      2. not to mention that I’ve heard from many of my Greek life acquaintances that they just wouldn’t have the time or desire to do charity work if they weren’t required.

      3. I agree, but you also don’t need to be part of Greek life in any way, shape or form to go out on the weekends and drink underage or bully younger kids. It has been 10+ years at BU without a hazing incident, and now that there is one, it is by an organization not recognized by the University, the rest of the community should not have to suffer for the actions of a non-affiliated member.

          1. Hence the reason they were suspended by the University. Do you think Greek life doesn’t care about this? At the first suspicion of hazing, SDT was suspended by BU and the Greek Panhellenic Council. We don’t want that kind of behavior associated with the Greek community we have built at BU any less than the rest of BU.

  6. Members of Greek life,

    If you care about your reputations, YOU need to be the ones discouraging this behavior. Not the school. Not the organization officials. Not the heads of Greek life. ALL 10% of you.

    1. This behavior is discouraged by members of the Greek community at Boston University. This Fraternity is not recognized by the school or by the Greek Life, they do not reflect the beliefs and feelings of every other fraternity on campus.

      1. the sorority that was involved earlier was recognized by BU, and they still hazed… Anyone who thinks that a frat being recognized by BU means they dont haze is just being unrealistic.

  7. BU markets itself as (and actually is) a relatively sophisticated urban school. As a result, BU should dump these sad, provincial, archaic cliques and stop pandering to the students who want to go to keggers, play Frisbee on the quad, and tailgate. If you want that, go to UMass or even Northeastern.

    1. You’re telling me that we have kids on this campus that want to go to keggers, play frisbee on the quad, and go to tailgates?! Where do these monsters think they are, college?

      Oh wait.

      1. This all anglo-saxon tradition of identifying college with a place to have fun is not only unique, but also unjustified: time for playing and just having fun is in high school. We are all adults, legally autonomous, just grow up.

        This said, I do not like the idea behind sororities and frats, but we should avoid condemning them all out of the actions of a few…

    2. Frisbee on the quad, playing catch, kicking around a soccer ball, and other games of sport and leisure should be banned and violators should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. We should not tolerate such tomfoolery!

  8. I am SO SICK and tired of hearing about how my 55K a year is in the press AGAIN for stupid behavior. To the members of Greek life who think it is SO IMPORTANT to raise money for charities: you can do the same in any club on campus without paying for friends, getting drunk every weekend, and engaging in stupidity like this. Schools life Fordham and BC (that is higher than us on the ranking scales every year so no, BC does not suck) don’t have Greek life and they do just fine. I really just don’t understand Greek life at all and frankly, this is an embarrassment to BU again. Get your act together, and do your work like you’re supposed to. That’s what college is for.

        1. Isamot, whad up Dog? How’s it going?

          But anyway, to be serious. For those of you who have never been a part of Greek life, you cannot honestly group us together and take away our individuality. And I absolutely hate when people say “I cannot believe I pay 55k for this?” it just makes you sound like a pretentious, stuck up d-bag.

    1. I do not think it is fair for you to judge all of the Greek community at BU based off of these incidents. Whether or not you choose to be involved in Greek life is your own choice but there is no need to talk badly about those who do choose to be in a sorority or fraternity. I did not join Greek life so I would have more friends, could get drunk on the weekend, and engage in stupidity. Students, regardless of what organization they are affiliated with, go out every weekend, get drunk and engage in stupid acts. Please do not talk down on a whole group of people when only a select few are the ones who are doing something wrong. The Greek community does discourage this behavior and there are penalties for doing such things. Choosing not to be involved in Greek life is your own choice, but it does not give you the right to talk down upon those who choose to be involved in such a group on campus.

  9. As a student at BU who currently has the misfortune of living on Gardner street in Allston just near where many of these fraternities and sororities are located, I’d like to share a few of my impressions of what is so farcically called the ‘Greek life’ here.

    On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights when from about 11pm until 3am I am listening to drunken frat boys scream obscenities across the street at each other or, just as commonly, at trashy-looking sorority girls; or when I read crime reports online the following week of the multiple arrests and police interventions in this area each weekend, many of them in response to fights that I often hear just outside my window; or when I see at least five or more ambulances speed into this neighborhood each weekend to presumably assist drunken, over-privileged children who can’t even gauge alcohol intake, I can’t help but thinking the following:

    So many of the people involved in fraternities and sororities fail miserably to approximate anything remotely close to the emotional, social, and intellectual maturity that should be expected of every person who has the immense privilege of spending their years after high school, completely voluntarily, earning a first-class education, one that the majority of people in the world would almost literally die for. That these students–or their parents–are paying upwards of $60 000 a year inclusive to earn this education–a figure that in itself is outrageous–and they still have enough money to drink like degenerate, sycophantic fools each weekend, is a travesty.

    Their pathetic need for belonging to a group, a need which descends to their being denigrated for initiation into an ‘organization’ that represents, to me, a complete failure to exercise genuine independence of person, thought, and action, is astounding.

    University should be a time where you assert your independence, not a time for you to recreate the childish tribal mentality of high school and before.

    And for you to even call it ‘Greek life,’ as if there’s some historical pedigree that dignifies this pathetic need for group belonging, is a complete farce, not least because I’m almost positive most of the ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ don’t know, couldn’t understand, or even worse, wouldn’t care to understand, the first thing about Greek culture and how it informs our modern-day lives.

    And don’t even try to dress frats and sororities up as ultimately charity-driven organizations. It only makes you look even more foolish than you so clearly are.

    1. I live on Ashford, I’ve seen two brawls in the past week between frat members, I called the police on one of them, and I saw what looked like 5+ frat kids on their way back from a formal throwing a traffic cone at moving cars.

      I live pretty close to where this raid went down, and anyone who thinks these sorts of things are a “one time occurrence” is just delusional. Usually the police just dont care enough to get out of the car and issue citations, and instead just drive around using the car megaphone to blast “take it inside”

      1. You guys are all racist against fraternity bros. Were they even wearing letters? How did you know they were in a fraternity. And even if they were, its not like being in a fraternity compelled them to do this.

        1. You don’t think that group mentality might affect their behavior? And even if they weren’t brothers, I would be surprised if they lacked any affiliation at all with the fraternities. Birds of a feather flock together, after all.

        2. i am aware of the frat houses on the street, and these kids came from frat houses. I also recognized most of them, i see them all the time because i live on the same street. I suppose it could be the case that only 3 or the 5 were brothers, because there were a couple I did not recognize. These kinds of incidents happen all the time…

          I don’t think its racist to say that in my experience, the most disruptive and rude people on the weekends in my area are nearly always associated with a frat. I’m not saying that all fraternity brothers are disruptive and immature, it just seems that the people who are are usually frat members.

          You try living on Ashford or Gardner for a year and then tell me about it.

          1. It is your choice to live on gardner or ashford, no one forced you to live there. Just as it is a choice to be in a fraternity or sorority. No one forces these kids to be hazed or demoralized. It is their own choice to do what they want and they have the opportunity to leave at any time.

    2. Ryan-
      I am a member of a Greek organization at BU. The insulting, arrogant, and pretentious way you write about sororities and fraternities is appalling. First off, that ridiculous comment about “Greek culture and how it informs our modern-day lives,” and a general lack of intellectual curiosity and drive within the Greek community is wrong. I work extremely hard in school, attain a high GPA, and most importantly, care about my studies and about what I am learning. I can say the same for a large majority of my sisters. There are multiple people within my chapter with 4.0s and many, many others who achieve near-perfect grades. I admire these girls and ask them for help and tutoring when I need it. My sorority is a large academic support group that I find extremely helpful. My sorority sisters are some of the smartest, hardest working students at BU that I have met.

      Second, this “pathetic need to belong to a group,” is human nature, Ryan. Human beings have reached out to others to form organizations, social groups, clubs, and teams forever. Surrounding yourself with other like-minded people to feel more at home in a new, overwhelming place is not “pathetic.” I have many friends outside of my sorority, but joining my organization was a huge help to someone who can be naturally shy like I am. My membership forced me to trust and form friendships with many girls who I know I can rely on. We eat dinners together, do charity hours together, go to the gym, live together, and have fun together.
      Finally, I am completely an individual here at BU and so are most of the people I know in Greek Life. We all study different topics, dress differently, talk differently, come from different backgrounds (countries even), live different lifestyles, etc etc. I feel I can be anyone that I want as a mature, independent adult and I know people in my organization will still be faithful friends. I cannot tell you how varied and unique every sister is, however I can tell you that being in my organization has encouraged me to see how special these differences are. I appreciate every woman for who she is and for who she will become, at her own volition.
      I admire many people in greek life and I am proud to call myself a sorority member. Condemning all of us because of one mishap with an off-campus group of boys is judgmental and illogical.

  10. When I lived in the BU brownstone across from Danielson my sophomore year, I’ll never forget this as I was returning to my dorm after a Beanpot game. (Note: An MIT fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon I think? owns the brownstone right next to BU’s dorm, and the frat owns another one right across the street next to Danielson.)

    As I approached my brownstone, I could swear there was a naked boy standing on the MIT stoop next door with another boy recording him with a VHS camcorder (it was 1990, so yes, VHS, and boys didn’t trim down there back then by the way). It turned out I was right! Then, groups of naked boys were running across the street to the other brownstone (sneakers only – in February). It left an image in my mind that all of the boys at MIT have hairy butt cracks but also what a dumb thing it was to make them do.

    I agree with Ryan’s post, and it’s very well-written. For a sense of belonging, people should not have to do these types of things. But I’ve always sensed that it’s much more involved than that. It’s a known fact that many boys join fraternities to be able to do ‘things’ with other guys that in any other context would otherwise be considered homo-erotic behavior, which I’m all for, by the way. Under the guise of the ‘fraternity’ label, it becomes acceptable for men who choose to be closeted. Yep. And not even a plea by BU to stay out of the news will stop such behavior.

  11. Well hello all,

    According to the above comments, apparently since I am a member of Greek Life here at BU, I am a degenerate, sycophantic fool with no emotional, social, or intellectual maturity. I’m not entirely sure if everyone commenting on this thread is inept, or just generally incompetent. Being a part of Greek Life has opened doors for me that wouldn’t have opened; I have secured an internship at a Hospital in Boston, and have been recognized as a student leader by the community and the groups I am involved with.

    Just this week, a fraternity, Sigma Chi, who happens to be RECOGNIZED by BU had an article in BU today about how they’re raising upwards of 30k for cancer. The only valid comment in the thread above attacking Greek Life is how you do not have to be a part of greek life to volunteer. However, when one volunteers, one usually pairs with a group of individuals, no? Having upwards of 50 members collectively perform a task for the good of the greater Boston area is not only a privilege to be a part of but also to watch.

    To address hazing at BU: as Josh previously stated, every Fraternity and Sorority has a strict NO HAZING policy. if this code of conduct is violated, strict action will be taken, as it has in the past. Every Greek organization affiliated with BU does not haze.

    Referring to Fraternities and Sororities as “provincial, archaic cliques” is one of the most absurd statements made in the above thread. Members of these organizations joined due to common interest and ideals. Stating that these organizations are provincial and archaic due to this can be translated to any other group of individuals on campus or elsewhere; by the way, Fraternity members who choose to drink do not force “keggers” upon anyone else. Also, I wasn’t entirely sure Frisbee was a crime; I’ll be sure next time I’m on the “quad” (?) to inform everyone playing that they must be part of an emotionally unstable clique who does nothing but drink and tailgate (seriously?). If being a sports fan and grilling before a game is a crime, well golly strike me down now and send me to the depths of hell for appreciating a game. It must have been my intellectual inferiority that caused me to not see this in the past.

    Ryan, I hate to break it to you, but living on Gardner, a street within minutes of campus, is your undertaking. Nobody told you to live there, that was your own decision. That is a street commonly walked upon at night in order to get back to campus; being “near” something you believe is a Fraternity house has zero relevance to this. People party off campus; being in a Fraternity means absolutely NOTHING when it comes to partying.

    Fraternities and Sororities ARE a charity driven group of individuals. Each and every organization has their own national philanthropy, and hold events to raise money for their charities. If you were, or are, a student at BU, this would be blatantly obvious not only due to the events themselves, but also to the numerous advertisements to inform the general public of the events.

    I appreciate your concern for the reputation of Greek Life, but do us all a favor and get your facts straight before you go attempt to tarnish an organization that has worked so hard to build it’s outstanding on campus reputation.

      1. Sorry Mike, I’m just not buying it. Sig Chi, despite their positive contributions, is just as much a part of the Greek Life problem as any other organization. I remember last year having a good time (I was a freshman, naturally I ventured to a party) when I was sucker punched in the back of the head, thrown to the floor and kicked while down. Assuming I Was the agressor, a group of fraternity members chased me down the stairs and shoved the down the steps in front of the house. Quite frankly, I got my a** kicked. Luckily, a larger male picked me up and ran me across the street, urging me to run home while he kept the mob of angry fraternity members at bay.

        This is a regular occurance of these hyper-masculine societies, where being “agressive” and showing other students who is more powerful rules. Congratulations that mobs of Greek Life members pay to participate in fun games and trashy events and the funds subsequently are donated to a charity. Thank you for having the decency to donate; however, the money comes very empt heartedly.

        I’m simply not impressed with your overused justification.

    1. I’m sorry, but this is a joke. I am in an organization that takes two trips a year to a third world country to provide free medical care. We don’t have sorority girls sit in bikinis at the GSU (which is going on right now thanks to Sigma Chi) ready to be dunked in tanks of water. This especially embarrassing this week for Sigma Chi to be doing this when there are parents of prospective students looking at BU. No matter what you say, this is an absolute joke. Join another club without the terrible reputation and you can still raise 30K for cancer.

      1. Really man? I am not in Sigma Chi, but to criticize them for having a dunk tank to raise money for philanthropy is absurd. If sorority girls want to sit outside with a bikini on when it is 60 degrees, cloudy, and windy that is there decision. How is that in anyway going to discourage prospective students to come to BU? “Ew, look those girls are trying to look hot while those frat boys are raising money for charity!! There’s no way I am coming to this school!” I guarantee you that will be the last things on their mind with all the sexual assaults that are going on.

        You are in an organization that takes 2 trips a year to 3rd world countries? Good for you. Now I’m not going to generalize you as some one who has no social life and spends their Friday nights in their dorm reading Twilight just because I’ve heard of one person who helps out in a similar organization do it once before. Because that is exactly what you are doing by generalizing every single Greek organization as frat bros and sororstitues that like to drink, haze, have sex, and are forced to do philanthropy.

        1. Good point, although I’d like to clarify that the generalization now is that every single Greek organization are frat bros that *are forced to* drink, haze, have sex, and *like* to do philanthropy.

        2. He’s saying that Sigma Chi could have chosen a classier, more dignified fundraiser, which they could have. If those sorority girls care so much about philanthropy, can’t they fundraise without needing to be in bathing suits “trying to look hot”?

          So ONE person who makes trips to 3rd world countries reads Twilight on Friday nights? Fine. How many people participate in Greek life? Um, 10% of BU, so, thousands. Not really a comparison.

    2. “apparently since I am a member of Greek Life here at BU, I am a degenerate, sycophantic fool with no emotional, social, or intellectual maturity”

      Yes, you are. I was going to congratulate you on accepting this fact, but from the rest of your post I see that you’re still in the denial stage.

      1. BU should embrace Greek life more, instead of always treating them like shit. If they were more welcoming to the ideas of Fraternities, I’m sure we wouldn’t see rogue organizations like BU’s AEPI exist on campus in the first place (I’m not attacking the national AEPI which I’m sure like other fraternities is completely fine, I’m attacking the BU chapter which isn’t even affiliated with the school).

  12. It is so disheartening to hear people criticize and judge so much on a stereotype. Is that not what BU prides itself on? To avoid stereotyping and judgement based on who you are and what you are involved with? I think some people outside of the Greek community only see what they want to see. Which is fine, because everyone is allowed to have their own opinions.

    I have to disagree, though, when people bash Greek life because they wanted a “sense of belonging”. I am not in Greek life, but I have joined three different clubs on BU campus. I did not just join them because they sparked my interest, but yes, because I wanted to make friends. Is that so wrong? Isn’t that part of the reason everyone joins some type of club at BU?

    1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a “sense of belonging” but when you have to be coated in honey and various food items in order to “belong,” there’s a bit a problem with that, don’t you think? Being coated in honey is not necessarily a bad thing, but doing it as a pre-requisite to joining a frat or any other group is problematic, and boys videotaping each other naked as in the MIT story is equally problematic.

  13. AE PI is not a Fraternity, and they bring a bad name to the real Fraternities at Boston University. They are not affiliated with the school, and have the reputation for intense hazing and no real brotherhood. They do not in any way represent what life is like for real Fraternities at Boston University.

    Real Fraternities are a wonderful outlet for students to find friends and form bonds for life. Don’t let the actions of this “club” influence your perception of Greek life at BU.

  14. Not only have I found the student body here at BU to be relatively unwelcoming and cold, but now I am also embarrassed by them. Sexual assaults, rape, hazing, inappropriate April Fools pranks, etc. Where are people’s self respect and integrity? There needs to be some serious change around here, and not just from the administration. The students here have some serious self evaluating to do. I keep expecting each of these controversies to be the last, but I can’t say I’m entirely surprised anymore when a new one arrises. Smarten up BU. It’s embarrassing when what should be points of pride to a college student, like the hockey teams or Greek life, become points of shame. I cannot believe that I’m paying as much money as I am for this. Frankly, its not worth it.

  15. All the people who don’t like fraternities are obviously who didn’t get bids, like myself. So I have made it a priority to bad mouth greek life wherever I go and whenever possible. And, a wise man once told me you don’t call a fraternity a frat because you wouldn’t your country a c***t.

    1. all of the frat brothers who get upset when people make fun of them are obviously, like me, embarrassed that most of what is said is true, and regret spending money for friends. Thats why I make it a point to pretend like the main reason I joined a fraternity is for the community service, not the partying, hazing, and sexual assault.

  16. Much of this argument of Greek Life vs the rest of the school is fueled by in-group vs out-group thinking. Assuming that Greek Life is the in group, then:

    A non-affiliated student would be the out-group looking in, and say, “all fraternity brothers are the same. They act the same, dress the same, and all have the same personality.” This theme of homogeneity is the basis of stereotypes.

    On the other hand, an affiliated student is part of the in-group and says, “all my fraternity brothers are unique individuals with different personalities. By no means are they all the same person.” This view of heterogeneity can only be perceived after someone learns enough about another person.

    As an example that exemplifies this point, just imagine what would happen if you and your group of friends all went to some foreign country. From this perspective, your group of friends is the in-group and the foreigners are the out-group. Isn’t it easy to understand how the ‘foreigners’ would look at your group of friends and exclaim, “These people all look the same! They dress the same way, speak the same way, and act the same way! They are all the same!” But you know you’re all different people with different personalities.

    Back to BU Greek Life. If being in a fraternity is part of the in-group (from my perspective) and not being in one is the out-group, can’t you picture what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the stereotypical comments that fill this comment section, and why the Greek community vehemently disagree with them?

    In-group vs out-group shapes everyone’s opinions, just keep this in mind. Just think, if we all go to a foreign country, we’ll all be the same.

    1. Everyone should take social psychology, it would broaden their perspective and hopefully make them realize how ridiculous they sound. I’m ashamed of the narrow-mindedness and stereotyping in the above comments.

      Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

  17. Is the Greek community honestly surprised by the stereotype? Yes, you all say you’re offended by it, but are you surprised? While stereotypes are almost never completely true, they don’t just spring up out of nowhere. If you want the rest of the BU community to look upon you with respect, you will have to earn it.

  18. Fellow students! Please think about what you are arguing about logically.

    If AEPi’s actions are deemed worthy of the poor judgement and eradication of BU’s Greek Life, then using the same logic the BU Men’s Hockey Team’s actions should allow for prejudice towards other BU Sporting Teams and possibly forming a task force against them?

    Both Fraternities Sporting Teams, generally have like goals within their overall organization. But does this mean that each one should be judged because of the stupidity of another?

    The Hockey Team has 2 separate rape allegations against them, and is ingrained in the BU community.
    The AEPi Fraternity has 2 separate hazing allegations against them, but it isn’t even part of the same community of recognized Greek Life that some wish to take away.

    Question what everyone says and think for yourselves people, this is the only way to make the right decisions.

  19. If Greek Life is so detrimental to colleges, can you explain to me why all but 3 U.S. presidents were associated with a fraternity? And I may be mistaken, but Greek life on BU’s campus has been doing many positive things in the last few years, such as Sigma Chi’s Derby Days, A E Phi’s A Phine Affair, DG’s Anchor Splash, PIKE’s Fireman’s Challenge, and I know that I am missing many more. Show me another organization at BU that has contributed as much to this campus in this amount of time. There is a reason why people join and stay active in Greek life, but it may be understood only by them. For those of you that are in the “out-group” to generalize these individuals in such a manner is not only insulting, but ignorant. Get your facts straight before you demoralize another organization, because you rarely see the members of Greek life criticizing any group or association that you may be affiliated with.

  20. 2010 Alumni here. Couple of quick points from someone who reads a ton of the recent news concerning BU .

    1- SO MANY squares blogging and tweeting and commenting about the recent rape culture and hockey rape and hazing incidents. Can’t believe how uptight some of you people are. You freak out about reputation and this and that when in reality, the only people really talking about it are you social media nerds. No one is going to look down on you in a job interview because a frat at your school hazed somebody or your student paper made an off color april fools edition.

    2- AEPI is a bunch of scum bags SO far away from every other fraternity on campus. I pledged and ran a succesfull chapter on campus and always hated them. They were responsible for burning down Kappa Sigmas house and constantly started brawls on the street as part of their pledging process. The food thing has been a constant for years. They deserve to be expelled and get whats coming to them.

    3- All these ridiculous opinions about how its pathetic to join greek life are slightly shocking. What other clubs or organizations have several thousand members right now at BU? I would love for all these haters to post what organizations they are part of that are so much more popular and revered on campus. Greek life has literally thousands of members on campus. It would be even bigger if BU gave it ANY support whatsoever. The growth has come from within despite all the hipsters and feminists who write comments like those found above.

    4- All in all…I went through CGS, pledged a frat that may have slightly hazed me, ran that fraternity to grow much larger…today I go to church, I have a 75k plus job, i still do community service, and I donate to BU. I didn’t become some awful person because of hazing and being Greek. I made friends i still love today and had a blast. I did it for the people not the community service. Quit hating and trolling comment boards relating to Greek life. Ease up and enjoy your philosophy class.

    1. yeah thank god the persecuted frats were able to survive the wrath of the hipsters and the feminists. I, for one, am amazed at their resilience. Such inner strength should inspire us all! I am especially proud of you for taking the time from your huge 75k job to defend your bros in these troubled times.

    2. Jerry, your self-righteous attitude is tremendously inspiring. Your life sounds fantastic. Guess all us silly feminist hipsters should stop having opinions and listen to you, Mr. 75k.

  21. Hey Jerry,

    I’m glad you’ve established yourself well within your standards of success. I cannot understand your devotion to this school because I know I will not be as enthusiastic about this institution upon my departure. But then again, maybe that’s because this school treated you correctly. Maybe that’s because this school lived up to your expectations and you weren’t unwilling to pay full tuition (as I’m assuming with CGS) via your parents’ pockets. Maybe that’s because nothing traumatic happened to you outside of your preestablished standards of acceptability. Congratulations.

    I bitterly apologize for how uptight each of us is, each of us who do not believe rape is funny, cute or something that dumb sluts ask for on the weekends. Thank the God you believe in that people are talking about this. In which societies are women encouraged to hush up and move on? None that I would like to be a part of.

    I’m neither a female nor a feminist (though good luck defining what feminism is) and I could not care less if anybody thought I was a hipster, because that says nothing about me.

    The reason some among us believe that it is unfavorable to join Greek life can probably be reiterated in my own words:
    How do you have to feel about yourself to allow yourself to be hazed? What sort of social structure do you feel is permissible in such a society that one individual can perpetrate such actions upon another in order that said inductee will one day be able to do the same to another individual? What exactly does that accomplish? A sense of fraternity? I can think of a few other ways than hidden homosexual tendencies (i.e., stripping your fellow ‘boys’ down naked).

    I apologize to you personally, Jerry, that you feel such about yourself that you would allow someone to degrade, humiliate and have sadistic dominance over you. Perhaps you should value yourself a little more.

    The fact that you’re an alum who has in the vestiges of his vocabulary words such as: trolling, haters, squares, etc. Well, that speaks highly of whatever it is you do.

    As for having a blast: I can think of one club in particular with an outstanding number of members, one club that has taught me practical lessons, helped me along the way, offered me opportunities to grow and provided me with a sense of fraternity that I would have never gotten had I joined the Kappa Sigma fraternity like my father wanted. That one club should be an example that there are options outside of Greek life for all the wonderful things they offer.

    Of course, not all fraternities act in such a degrading capacity. Not all fraternities need to belittle others for the sake of their own confidence. Not all fraternity members drink, rape, womanize, etc. But to act like the culture is not there is to ignore the root of the problem and to turn a blind eye to potential solutions.

    1. – not sure what your ranting at me about the whole rape thing. it was a hockey team issue not a greek life issue. i merely stated that you are over reacting to the issue based on the freep article and a hockey team incident.

      – 2nd, I was on scholarship for my first two years with CGS. and my parents paid the second two years for me.

      – along the hazing topic, you took it WAY too far and generalized again. My memories of pledgging never involved being covered in food or being humiliated. it always revolvd around mental tasks like memorizing history, knowing information about each brother to a very minute detail, etc. We occasionally did group outings together that were slightly physical but we were never attacked in any way. you insinuate we were sadistically dominated which is such a joke. if someone did that to me id hit them in the face. these guys were and still are my friends.

      -finally, what was this club you can think of but didn’t remember to mention in all its glory??

  22. These are all so sad to read. Watching people point fingers at each other is just a travesty. Instead of spending half an hour writing these responses to bash each other, why can’t we spend our time toward something worth while?

    It’s obvious that BU hasn’t had such a great reputation lately. Unfortunately it’s in human nature to start trying to shake the blame off themselves and push it onto someone else. Let’s face it, it’s not the greek community, it’s not the organizations unrecognized by BU, and it’s not the hockey team. We’re all a part of one school and we should stand by it. By constantly fighting with each other and pointing fingers, we are separating even more, making the gap widen until it all just falls a part. We chose BU for a reason, and whether you love it or not you are a part of it now, so you should make the best out of it that you can.

    Trying to hurt someone else’s feelings is a pointless waste of time. What are you gaining out of it? Pleasure in making someone else feel bad? That’s terrible. Obviously these bad things are happening, but wasting our time fighting on who to blame is ridiculous. We need to accept it, think of worth-while ways to fix it, and move on. Dwelling on the bad has never helped anyone.

  23. i know that one kid is suspended for a year and no credits transfer back to BU if he studies elsewhere,,,but he can take his credits for this semester and all past semesters to another school.

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