PhD Student Bioanthropology


Matriculated September 2022

Research Interests

Human evolution, cooperative behaviors, friendship and social networks, child and adolescent development, human behavioral ecology, cultural evolution


Brooke is interested in the evolution of human social behavior, especially cooperative behaviors in children and adolescents. Her current work investigates the developmental timing of changes in children’s social networks. She also hopes to study how social networks are inherited and what types of information or resources pass along networks formed from different sources. As an undergraduate, she studied the effects of social environment differences on risky behavior in crickets. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology Education and English Education from North Dakota State University in 2022.

Awards & Grants

  • NSF Research Experience for Graduate Students Grant. $5,900. (2023).  Study: Children’s Social Networks Across Juvenile Development.
  • Boston University Dean’s Fellowship (Fall 2022, Spring 2023). 


  • forthcoming