PhD Student Archaeological Anthropology


Matriculated September 2020

Research Interests

Archaeobotany, Zooarchaeology, Materiality, Empire, Hellenistic Archaeology


Alexander T. Dorr is an anthropological archaeologist working in the Environmental Archaeology Lab under Dr. John Marston at Boston University. He is interested in exploring periods of dynamic regime change in the Hellenistic Southern Levant and how these changes resulted in shifts in agricultural regimes on the ground. He plans to analyze agricultural datasets from various sites in Hellenistic Galilee to identify the everyday praxis of rural farmers. This research will attempt to identify whether these farming practices were affected by the expansion and protraction of Hellenistic empires and their associated regime changes. His research aims to incorporate both macrobotanical and zooarchaeological data in exploring how those on the ground responded to these political shifts.

Awards & Grants

  • Albright Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Junior Research Fellowship for the AY2023-2024. $12,000. (2023)
  • Short-term Graduate Research Abroad Fellowship (GRAF). $6000 (Summer 2023).
  • GRS Summer Fellowship. $1000. (Summer 2023).
  • Department of Anthropology Summer Research Grant. $3500. (2022).
  • Boston University Dean’s Fellowship (Fall 2020, Spring 2021).


  • (forthcoming) Dorr, Alexander T. and John M. Marston. Archaeobotanical Remains from Khirbet-el-‘Eika. In an upcoming volume edited by Uzi Leibner and Roi Sabar.