Neuropathology Core

The Neuropathology Core (NC) supports the BU ADRC mission to facilitate and conduct leading-edge research on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and AD-related dementias (ADRD). Over the last decade, the BU ADRC NC has been the catalyst for transformational research on post-traumatic neurodegeneration and changed scientific understanding of neurotrauma as an environmental risk factor for AD/ADRD. The Neuropathology Core has also shown that exposure to repetitive head impacts (RHI) alters the deposition of beta-amyloid, alpha-synuclein, and TDp-43. Currently, the Neuropathology Core is collaborating with multiple ADRC’s and centers (UCSF, Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai, MGH, UT San Antonio) to continue this ground-breaking research.

The aims of the Neuropathology Core are:
1. Conduct state-of-the-art diagnostic neuropathological evaluation
2. To serve as a local and national resource to distribute CNS tissue, biospecimens including DNA, and digital slide images to qualified investigators to facilitate innovative collaborations
3. To provide deep neuropathological phenotyping on all brain donors including using innovative methods for quantitative and qualitative assessment of non-traditional pathologies
4. To provide local and national leadership to foster innovative multi-ADRC collaborations on AD/ADRD research and train the next generation of AD/ADRC investigators

Core Leaders