Clinician and Provider Resources

The resources listed in the were developed for clinicians and providers who work with older adults. Clinicians face unique and complex issues treating aging adults, and the Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center is committed to professional education and to providing resources that will assist in the treatment and clinical care of older adults experiencing memory loss.


indexSecond edition of Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Dementia: A Practical Guide for Clinicians by BU ADC faculty Andrew Budson, MD, and Paul Solomon, PhD, has been released.

“We wrote the first edition of this book because we wanted to help primary care providers as well as the frontline neurologist, psychiatrist, and geriatrician diagnose and treat patients with memory disorders,” Dr. Budson explains. “With the explosion of new tests to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and new criteria for Alzheimer’s plus many other disorders we knew that the time was right for a new edition. We are pleased that this edition is in full color, which makes the figures come alive.” You can purchase the book on Amazon: Click Here to Order Book