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It’s rare to be surrounded by students who share a passion for service, the drive to succeed, and the desire to get the most out of college. We are a tight-knit community of individuals who support and challenge each other every day. We welcome you to join the team - there’s a place for you here.

You’re a cadet, but a student first

Cadet life only enhances your BU experience – more opportunities to explore careers, individual mentorship, and a community where you belong.

Cadets study the degree of their choice. In addition, they take one Aerospace Studies course and Leadership Laboratory each semester. You’ll wear a uniform once per week. Cadets commit a mandatory six hours to Air Force ROTC each week, leaving plenty of time to study and explore other interests. Most cadets participate in voluntary events and extracurriculars, too.


AFROTC Opportunities

Get involved on and off campus

Cadets are some of the most active students on campus. Whether they’re a part of Air Force ROTC student organizations or one of the 450+ student organizations on campus, our cadets are leaders and doers.

Professional Development Training

As an AFROTC cadet, you’ll have many opportunities to travel and experience things typical college students only dream of. You can fly airplanes—or maybe you’d like to jump out of one. You can learn hand-to-hand combat skills or gain insight into the day-to-day operations of an Air Force base. Wherever your interests lie, there is probably a developmental program for you!

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