Psychodynamic Practice with Adults

SSW CP 798

Graduate Prerequisites: (SSWCP755 & SSWCP756 & SSWCP757) For Traditional Track and HSE Students ; Graduate Corequisites: (SSWCP755 OR SSWCP756 OR SSWCP757)For Advanced Standing Students - This course builds on psychodynamic knowledge and skills gained in the prerequisite courses of CP 755, 756, and 757. Its purpose is to further the learner's understanding of use of professional self and relationships in longer term therapeutic work with a variety of adults at risk due to poverty, domestic and neighborhood violence, lack of social resources, lack of stable and nurturing life path environments, and current barriers to well-being, constructive relating, and self-fulfillment. Object relations, self-psychology, and relational theory inform learning through reading, assignments, class exercises, and case dialogue analysis. Instructor and students problem solve around issues arising in interpersonal work characterized by mutuality and reciprocity between worker and client productive of growth in both. Empathy is practiced as an assessment tool (vicarious introspection), an expression of support and identification, and a medium for the activation of client strengths and growth potentials. Students practice 'being where the client is" in very difficult situations, and the long-term effects of prejudice, injustice, and social marginalization are frequently highlighted in assessments and intervention planning. Students learn to reflect on their own personal development and experiences as potential assets and blocks in aligning themselves well with client stories and reactions. Role plays and assignments help in identifying and correcting misalignments in use of self.

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