Seminar: Family Therapy

SSW CP 791

This Advanced Seminar will provide a contemporary overview of special topics within family centered social work practice. Central among these topics will be further clinical skills training through the microanalysis of actual family treatment sessions with a particular focus on making the connection between clinical constructs and their application in clinical work. Several different evidence based models of treatment will be contrasted to consider their strengths/weaknesses in working with particular family constellations and to explore their overall effectiveness from the perspective of evidence based practice. Other specific topics will include: 1) Working with High Conflict Families; 2) Family work within the context of domestic violence; 3) Ethical challenges in working with families; 4) Adoptive and Foster family work; 5) Culturally sensitive family work practices to more effectively address diversity including issues of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation; other topics based on student interest. Students should come away from the course with a more sophisticated understanding of social work with families, a clearer sense of their own clinical "voice," and the means to continuously improve their own effectiveness as practitioners.

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