Stress and Trauma in The Early Years: Interventions with Young Children and Families

SSW CP 782

Graduate Prerequisites: (SSWCP755 & SSWCP756 & SSWCP757) For Traditional Track and HSE Students ; Graduate Corequisites: (SSWCP755 OR SSWCP756 OR SSWCP757)For Advanced Standing Students - This course focuses on interventions for effective practice with young children and families derived from the fields of infant mental health, early development and family systems. Students will gain competency in developmentally appropriate assessment and collaborative evidence-informed/evidence-based treatment of vulnerable young children and their families within an attachment, trauma and systems framework. The role of toxic stress and trauma in a child's development and family life will be explored; prevention and intervention approaches will address how best to ameliorate its harmful impact. Various approaches will be presented and examined in relationship to theories of change, differential assessment, resilience, culturally responsive practice, and privilege. Because the practitioner plays an important role in the change process, students are expected to use the self to engage with course material and deepen their reflective capacities with regard to the clinician-client relationship. Class time will include discussion of course readings, viewing videos, conducting case-based assessments, skills development and other interactive activities. Students will leave the course with a repertoire of analytic and clinical skills to support their practice with vulnerable young children and their families.

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