MSD in Oral Biology

This program is designated for students who wish educational experience in the oral biological sciences. It is an advanced research degree program conducted with Oral Biology faculty in the Department of Translational Dental Medicine. This program can normally be completed in two years and is comprised of selected didactic courses and basic science laboratory research. The MSD in Oral Biology program is open to dentists and non-dentists.

The following curriculum comprises the core of the oral biology program. Course selection is contingent on the student’s program of study.


Year 1

  • GMS BI 751 A1 Biochemistry and Morphology
  • SDM OB 766 Oral Immunology & Microbiology
  • SDM OB 763 Basic Processes in Oral Biology
  • SDM OB 850 Oral Biology Journal Club
  • SDM OB 991 Research: Oral Biology

Year 2

  • SDM OB 852 Oral Biology Journal Club
  • SDM OB 992 Research: Oral Biology

Completion is not tracked by credit accumulation but by successful completion of individual courses and duration requirements.

MSD Combined with CAGS

Students enrolled in the combined MSD in Oral Biology/CAGS program have a time commitment of at least one year in the research program portion and two or three years in the clinical program, depending on the discipline. The entire program will take three or four years, depending on the area of specialization and background of the candidate. The research requirements for the MSD and the clinical requirements for the CAGS must be fulfilled to the satisfaction of the faculty in all relevant departments.