Organization and Delivery of Health Care in the U.S.

SAR HP 353

The focus of this interdisciplinary course is on increasing the student's understanding of the health care system, the social, environmental, and behavioral factors that affect health care, and on increasing the student's ability to work in interdisciplinary teams. The student will actively engage in individual work, group discussion and teamwork through written, oral, and web site assignments.

FALL 2016 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 SAR 101 TR 9:30 am-11:00 am Sargent juniors
and seniors
only; or
consent of
Class Closed

SPRG 2017 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 TR 8:00 am-9:15 am Sargent Jr. or
Sr. students
only; or

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