MA in Geoarchaeology

The Geoarchaeology program aims to provide a broad background in both the geosciences and archaeology. Such a program provides flexibility to students coming from a variety of different backgrounds—such as geology or other natural sciences, anthropology, or archaeology—but who are equally interested in learning how to associate geological techniques and methods with archaeological and geological data.


A minimum of eight graduate-level courses (32 credits) is required, including CAS AR 509, GRS AR 701, and two of the following: CAS ES 514, ES 533, ES 534, ES 541, ES 573, or GRS ES 830 or other courses pending approval of the Geoarchaeology advisory committee. The remaining courses must include at least two courses from each department chosen in consultation with the advisors.

Foreign Language Requirement

There is no formal language requirement. Students should consult with their advisors to determine appropriate language competency for their individual program.


Students will be evaluated at the end of the first year through a comprehensive exam.

Guidelines for Intra-Departmental Transfers into the MA Geoarchaeology Program

Graduate students in the Archaeology Department who wish to switch from their current program into the Geoarchaeology MA program must obtain the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee.