Auditing Courses

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Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Policy

Auditing Courses

Auditors are admitted to a course on a space-available basis and in accordance with the rules of the school or college offering the course. GRS students can audit courses during the academic year only and only one course per term. Auditors are subject to the full tuition and fees of the course.

PhD students who have not yet advanced to PhD candidacy may have the tuition for an audited course covered by scholarship if the Director of Graduate Studies approves the course. This course must be related to the dissertation research, or be considered as background or preparation for the dissertation research or topic. Students who have advanced to PhD candidacy are entitled to officially audit one course each term without further tuition charge. Graduate School of Arts & Sciences financial aid does not cover the cost of audited courses for master’s students.

Courses at the 900 level may not be audited. Language, physical education (PDP), studio courses, and courses with laboratories may not be audited.