MS in Robotics & Autonomous Systems

The MS in Robotics & Autonomous Systems (R&AS) program is designed to prepare students for technically demanding careers in a variety of areas in industry as well as for post-master’s graduate studies in robotics, autonomous systems, or related fields.


The MS in Robotics & Autonomous Systems curriculum requires a minimum of 32 graduate-level credits (500 level or above courses). Course credits can only be used to fulfill the program requirements if the student receives a grade of C or better in the course. To graduate, a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (B) must be attained in the set of courses used to satisfy the program requirements for the degree.

Structured course requirements: The 32 credits must be selected as follows:

  • One required course (4 credits): ENG EK 505 Introduction to Robotics
  • Four robotics core courses (16 credits) selected from a list and satisfying the requirements of Control, Design, Perception, and Machine Learning (one course in each designated area).
  • Three technical electives (12 credits) may be any engineering/science electives at the 500 level or above (with no more than one course from the approved list of engineering management courses).

Practicum requirement: All students must complete an approved full-time paid internship (minimum 360 hours) during their degree. These may be an internship provided through the program, a research project in the lab of a participating faculty member, or an internship arranged by the student and approved by the program director. Upon review by the R&AS Director, a student can be eligible to repeat enrollment in the practicum course, if that is what is required in the offer letter.

Prerequisite for starting the practicum course: Students need to complete at least three courses in their program that can count toward their degree requirements.