Departmental Security Administrators (DSAs) are responsible for managing the mainframe accounts of schools, offices or colleges and for requesting access that is appropriate for the business role of that account.  These responsibilities include but are not limited to the following tasks:

  • Maintain user accounts and access in the mainframe and SAP systems
  • Define accounts for new staff members
  • Make requests for mainframe applications, facilities or data for your users
  • Suspend a user leaving your department or office’s employment and opening their position
  • Remove the suspension of a user within your department when it is merited
  • Assist in replacing a user’s forgotten or expired password with a “default” password

For non-DSAs:

The DSA is the liaison between the end-user and Information Security. All issues and concerns regarding access to the mainframe should be directed to your DSA.

Click here to find your DSA.

DSA Training

To sign up for DSA Training you must be a DSA. All DSA Trainings are held at: 2 Cummington Mall, training room 107. If you are a DSA and need training please register for a training session