Introducing: Blogs, Wikis, and Journals

A general overview of the new collaboration tools available in Blackboard.

New Feature! Create a Blog

Blogs are a great way to have students share their ideas with their classmates. Learn how to create a blog in your course with this video.

Post a Blog Entry

Learn how students can add a blog entry to your course.

View a Blog Entry

See how you can view a student blog posting.

New Feature! Create a Journal

Journals are designed to be a two-way communication between students and instructors. While they can be made viewable to other students, they are intended to be private.

Post a Journal Entry

Learn how your students can add their journal entries.

New Feature! Create a Wiki Page

Wikis are a shared document among students that anyone can edit or modify by default. These are great for group papers and assignments.

Add a Wiki Page

See how your students can add a wiki page of their own to share ideas.

Create a Discussion Forum

Discussion forums are designed for the instructor to post a question to the students to develop a conversation. These are great for forums where students can ask questions to one another.