Many computers use a Firewall to block harmful programs and data from their computers. However, Firewalls are also capable of blocking certain aspects of Blackboard Learn, and may need to be configured manually to allow Blackboard Learn to operate.

The default settings of the Windows and Mac OS X built-in Firewalls will not interfere with Blackboard Learn. If you have made adjustments to your computer’s built-in Firewall, select your operating system below for further instructions on setting it up for use with Blackboard Learn.

If you have third-party Firewall software or have made adjustments to your home router’s Firewall, check the manufacturer’s documentation for allowing the ports listed below.

Blackboard Learn users who take courses from their work computers may need to ask their company’s technical support personnel to configure the company Firewall. They may not be able to do it themselves. Send a request through the appropriate channels to have the following ports enabled:

Port # TCP or UDP Application
1935 TCP Streaming Video