We provide the Boston University community with a variety of audio and visual equipment to meet instructional and presentation needs. Communicate better with audio and visual support. Use University equipment installed in classrooms. We offer:

  • Trained support staff with expertise in audio and visual equipment
  • Equipment installed in many classrooms
  • Portable audio and visual equipment when no installed equipment is available
  • PowerPoint support

Requests must be submitted in writing, at least four business days in advance. Requests must be submitted by faculty members, teaching fellows, or appropriate department administrators. You can:

  • TurningPointâ„¢ is an Audience Response System that allows students to actively participate in classes and presentations.... more »

  • We monitor and maintain audio and visual technical equipment for the Charles River Campus.... more »

  • We provide equipment such as computer projectors and slide projectors for screened presentations, television monitors with VHS and DVD capabilities for classroom screenings, and microphones for clearer and more audible lectures.... more »

  • Instructors and departments can easily record classroom lectures, meetings, speeches, and other events with the Echo360 system.... more »

  • People can listen to podcasts on your website or they can subscribe to download episodes automatically as they become available through podcast-friendly software such as iTunes.... more »