IS&T offers a wide range of technical services to support the complex needs of your computer systems.  Services range from hosting your equipment in our modern, secure data center to professional services to monitor and administer your server operating systems, databases, storage platforms, and applications.

  • If your department requires specialized applications to support your functions, we can assist you by hosting your applications in our server environment.... more »

  • IS&T offers reliable, secure, centrally hosted and managed database services for Boston University applications. Feature sets are defined in two service levels and may also be customized to fit individual needs.... more »

  • IS&T offers a range of remote monitoring options for Windows and UNIX servers as well as for other devices on the campus network. The monitoring tools provide real-time status information, alert processing, and warning notifications.... more »

  • IS&T houses and maintains many department-owned, Microsoft Windows-based servers in our central server environments.... more »

  • An optimized hosting platform is utilized to provide highly available and redundant virtual servers, matched to your needs. The service, built on current best practices, is deployed in secure, professionally managed, and environmentally controlled data centers. There are three standard tiers as well as a custom option. Enhanced security features are available for organizations who work with sensitive or protected information.... more »