Overview We can monitor the utilization of any network jack on campus and provide the information in real time to local system administrators, both graphically and as a CSV export. Once requested, the information is collected once every five minutes and represents the average throughput seen on each jack or switch port. The information is then compressed over time, with five-minute averages moving to ten minutes, thirty minutes, and then two hours during the course of a year, after which it is purged. We do not collect this information by default, so no historical information will exist prior to a request for monitoring.
Available To Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments
Benefits Monitoring network utilization allows system administrators to see traffic levels for various systems and determine if network upgrades are warranted.
Key Features
  • Easily determine network traffic levels without updating or polling a system
  • Obtain information about patterns of system use
  • Collect statistics useful for justifying network upgrades and other capacity planning efforts
Requirements This service collects information on a network jack-by-jack basis, so it is only useful for systems using the wired network in a fixed location. This service can only be requested by a local system administrator or the owner of a computer.
Cost No charge
Getting Started You can request monitoring of network ports by contacting us. You will need to specify either the IP address of the system using the jack you wish to monitor or the physical location of the network jack, including building, room, and jack number.