Overview IS&T provides services to monitor the health of your server’s hardware, operating system, and applications. In addition to standard Microsoft and UNIX monitoring tools, IS&T uses Hewlett Packard’s (HP) Systems Insight Manager (SIM) to monitor HP servers for hardware failures and pre-failures and to notify systems administrators and, optionally, HP.
Available To Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments
Benefits Be notified when servers fail or even before they fail. Increase uptime for the people who use your systems.
Key Features
  • Receive alerts when servers fail or are about to fail.
  • If you have HP systems, reduce your workload by having the service manage HP contracts and warranties.
  • Servers must be connected to the campus network.
  • Firewall ports must be modified to allow access for the service.
  • The remote support pack that notifies HP for system service requires the administrator contact information to which alerts will be sent.
Cost No charge
Getting Started Click the Help button on this page to request more information about how this service could match your specific needs