Quick Start

Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments

Cost: No charge. Server software costs are the responsibility of the department.

IS&T offers a range of remote monitoring options for Windows and UNIX servers as well as for other devices on the campus network. The monitoring tools provide real-time status information, alert processing, and warning notifications.


You can better manage your server and application infrastructure by taking advantage of capabilities, servers, and services already in use within IS&T.

Key Features

  • Maintain system health with Microsoft’s Systems Center Operations Management.
  • Maintain Unix system health with a client-based agent.
  • Administer HP servers with HP’s Insight Manager.
  • Analyze network utilization.
  • Perform batch jobs with mainframes.
  • Troubleshoot easily with a centralized message log.
  • Monitor system file integrity.


Each monitoring service has its own unique requirements.

Getting Started

See the links on the left side of this page for detailed descriptions of each monitoring service, including costs, requirements, and information on setting up each service with the appropriate group in IS&T.