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Available to: Staff, Departments

Cost: Funding for these projects is the responsibility of requesting departments, including maintenance of hardware and software. Day-to-day management and administration by IS&T is provided at no charge.

If your department requires specialized applications to support your functions, we can assist you by hosting your applications in our server environment. We will work with you from start to finish: reviewing your software options, helping with contract language, recommending hardware and software configurations, and installing the system. We can also help you develop acceptance test criteria and provide disaster recovery testing prior to your system’s launch. And we’ll provide day-to-day management of the system including monitoring, backup, and virus detection.


IS&T provides departments with support for the underlying server infrastructure required by many critical applications.

Key Features

  • We will assist with pre-purchase review of products and technologies to make sure they will fit well within the University framework.
  • We will provide hosting services, including system monitoring, backup, and recovery.
  • We will maintain the system with patches as well as virus detection.


  • Hardware and software must be under current maintenance agreements.
  • Vendors must provide service and support of packages installed within our environment.

Getting Started

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