There are a number of different “custom” error messages within Gravity Forms:

  1. Form field error message
  2. Limit exceeded error message
  3. Date exceeded error message

A Form field error message is when a person doesn’t fill out a specific form field that you want them to. To use this, you’ll need to Require a field on your form.

Once you have a required field, switch to the Advanced tab for that field, and look for Validation Message. This is the Error message text. When a person doesn’t fill out a field (or fills it out incorrectly), they’ll be shown the text of the error message you specify.

A Limit Exceeded error message means that you’ve set a limit to how many times a form can be filled out, and that number has been passed. You can set this custom error message on the Edit screen for your form itself.

The Date Exceeded error message is when you’ve set a Start and End date for your form, and either the start date hasn’t occurred or the end date has already passed, and someone tries to fill out your form. You can configure this from the Edit screen for your form itself.