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Output to a MySQL Database

  1. Add this line of code to your Telegraph configuration file:
    <directive action="database" host="mysql-server-hostname" username="your-mysql-username" password="your-mysql-password" database="your-database-name" table="your-table-name" />
  2. Replace mysql-server-hostname with the name of your MySQL server and port information, your-mysql-username with your MySQL username,  your-mysql-password with your MySQL password,  your-database-name with the name of your database and your-table-name with the name of the table that you are inserting data into.
  • Example:
    <directive action="database" server="www-mysql:3309" username="barney" password="rubble" database="dbin_cragglerock" table="rock_types" />

Telegraph will automatically create a new row in your table, matching fields from your form to identically-named fields in your database table. Any fields in your form which do not correspond to your database table’s field names will be ignored during the database insert. (Nothing stops these fields from being used in another Telegraph directive.

You can use multiple <directive action="database" /> tags to insert data into multiple MySQL database tables.

Output to a FileMaker Pro Database

You cannot update a FileMaker Pro Database directly using Telegraph. However, Telegraph can be used to create a spreadsheet that can be manually or automatically used to populate your FileMaker Pro Database.

  1. Set up your form to output to a spreadsheet. Most versions of FileMaker Pro support importing both CSV and tab-delimited spreadsheets.
  2. Make sure that all form fields being sent to your database are appearing in your spreadsheet.
  3. Manually download or script a download of your spreadsheet for use with FileMaker Pro.