Have you ever wondered what users think of your site? Have you ever wanted to survey the people who visit your site? With HTML forms you can collect information in an organized manner over the Web. HTML forms provide a standard, intuitive interface for your users to communicate with you.

Prerequisites: HTML: Introduction or equivalent knowledge. An account on people.bu.edu, or access to a site on www.bu.edu, is recommended.


  1. Adding PonyExpress fields to your form
  2. Indicating required fields
  3. Specifying the order of fields in the output
  4. Specifying a response page
  5. Subscribing to lists
  6. Adding special tags

HTML Elements

  1. The <form> tag: Method (“Post” vs. “Get”) and Action attributes
  2. Text fields: tags and attributes
  3. Checkbox and radio menus: tags and attributes
  4. Selection menus: tags and attributes
  5. Submit and reset buttons: tags and attributes

Form to Email

  1. Gather and send information with email
  2. Create formatted templates

Form to Datafile

  1. Save information on the server
  2. Specify a file type and storage location

Form to Webpage

  1. Post submitted information to the Web immediately
  2. Create and customize the displayed output

Steps to Publish a Form