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There are thousands of external suppliers registered to do business with Boston University. These suppliers represent many different commodities and product offerings. Download the supplier list by clicking the box below to view a list of all the external suppliers registered to except BU purchase orders. The supplier list is updated weekly to capture those suppliers newly added to the system.

Search the spreadsheet to find out if the supplier that you would like to do business with is registered with BU. Utilize the filter and search (Control+F) functionality to quickly find the supplier information.

Need to have a supplier registered?

If you do not find your supplier on the Supplier List, they may need to register to do business with Boston University. To have the registration process initiated, please submit a shopping cart for the intended purchase (of goods or services). Leave the supplier unassigned and include the following information in the Header Approval Note of the shopping cart:

  • Supplier Name
  • Name for the Supplier contact
  • Email for the Supplier contact

Once the shopping cart is submitted and approved by any required departmental approvers, it will be routed to Sourcing & Procurement, where a buyer will work with the Supplier Registration Coordinator to initiate the registration process. Note: depending on whether you are engaging the supplier for services or goods you may need to create either a Limit Order or a With Free Description type shopping cart.

Follow the links below for step by step instructions on setting up a shopping cart to have a supplier registered.

For Services: Click here for instructions for creating a Limit Order shopping cart

For Goods: Click here for instructions for creating a With Free Description shopping cart

Visit the Service Providers page for information on engaging consultants and/or other contributors who will support research.