Archaeology Courses

CAS AR 532- Studies in Near Eastern and ME Archaeology
Topics vary.  Recent topics have included trade in the Near East, Near Eastern cities of the Bronze and Iron Ages, and Near East prehistory.

CAS AR 560- Civilizations of Central and South Asia
Emergence, development, and decline of two Bronze Age Civilizations called “Oasis” in Central Asia and Indus/Harappan in South Asia.  Focus on comparative study of cultural processes of urbanization, complex social, economic and religious institutions, specialized crafts, and long distance trade.

GRS AR 741 (AR 341)- Archaeology of Mesepotamia
Seminar. Studies this core area of the ancient Near East, from the introduction of agriculture to the Hellenistic era. Examines the genesis of the first urban society and its transformation under the Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Persians.

GRS AR 742 (AR 342)- Syro-Palestinian Archaeology
A survey of the archaeology of ancient Israel, Lebanon, and Syria from the Stone Age to the late Roman Empire, with emphasis on the material remains of the second and first millennia BC.

GRS AR 743 (AR 743)- Anatolian Archaeology
A historically oriented survey of the material remains of the ancient cultures of Turkey and northwest Iran from the Neolithic to the Hellenistic period. Emphasis is on the Hittite Empire and civilizations that succeeded it in the first millennium.

GRS AR 746 (AR 346)- Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
Seminar. Survey and analysis of sites from Egypt’s prehistory and the major periods of Pharaonic civilizations. Problems such as changing social and political organization, demography, and the economic system will be studied, as interpreted from the archaeological evidence.

GRS AR 747 (AR 347)- Egypt and Northeast Africa: Early States in Egypt, Nubia and Eritrea/Ethiopia
This course focuses on early states in northeast Africa, in Egypt, Nubia, and Eritrea/Ethiopia.  Comparative analyses include socio-economic institutions, kingship, burial practices and religions of these early states, concentrating on archaeological as well as textual evidence.

GRS AR 790 (AR 390)- The Archaeology of Southeast Asia
Examines the prehistoric and historic cultures of Southeast Asia, including the first arrival of humans, regional neolithic and Bronze Age communities, early states, maritime trade networks, as well as political motivations in archaeology and the illicit antiquities trade.