The following is the responsibility of the principal investigator for personnel with potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious material and other research-related occupational health issues.

As a Principal Investigator (PIPrincipal Investigator View Boston University's policy on...), your responsibility is to make sure that your research project is carried out with maximum safety considerations. This notice is to inform Principal Investigators of their role in preventive health services for those who work in laboratories or on research projects.

It is the PI’s responsibility to see that researchers, technicians, students, or volunteers who work in your laboratory who have contact with animals, infectious agents, or bloodborne pathogens are medically evaluated prior to starting work. Also, that anyone working with bloodborne pathogens is offered the hepatitis B vaccination series administered by Research Occupational Health Program in compliance with the Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Policy for Boston University/Boston Medical Center.