Academic and medical research is subject to a myriad of laws, regulations, and/or other binding agreements both challenging and complex. The compliance program at BU and BMC integrates and coordinates the significant requirements with which we must comply.

Animal Care

The animal care program is a team of administrative, managerial, technical, and professional staff committed to the advancement of science in collaboration with the research community by promoting the humane care and use of animals used in research and teaching.

Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research

BU and BMC seek to ensure the integrity of academic research conducted by its faculty members, staff, and students and to sustain public confidence in that research. Therefore, we maintain a program to promote research objectivity through the management, reduction, or elimination of investigators’ conflicts of interest.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

EHSEnvironmental Health & Safety promotes health, safety, and environmental protection in teaching, research, clinical, public service, and administrative activities by providing training, advice, and other compliance assistance and by promoting safety in all aspects of the BU and BMC community.

Export Control

Export control laws regulate the transfer of controlled information (including technical data and technical assistance) as well as controlled physical items (such as scientific equipment) to foreign colleagues and organizations in the United States and abroad.

Human Subjects

The institutional review board (IRB) protects the rights and welfare of human subjects of research and assures that clinical and social/behavioral research is conducted according to corresponding federal regulations, state law, and IRB policies. All research or clinical investigations involving human subjects in which BU/BMC, its staff, its students, or its patients are involved may be subject to the authority of the IRB, regardless of funding source or other regulatory requirements.

Research Occupational Health Program (ROHP)

ROHPResearch Occupational Health Program ROHP is part of the ... focuses on the health, wellness, and safety of the University’s scientific research community. It promotes a culture of safety in research by utilizing comprehensive best practices to perform medical surveillance, workplace risk assessments, biosafety and agent training, and clinical occupational health services led by board-certified occupational medicine physicians.

Responsible Conduct of Research

Boston University has adopted a program for instruction in the responsible conduct of research (i.e., research ethics) in the sciences. The program covers students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty mentors, and is in compliance with NIH and NSF regulations requiring such training for specific awards and individuals.