How to Apply

The application deadline for submission of all materials to the MA-only program is May 15. (Please note that applications will be reviewed beginning March 1). Applications must be submitted online (see the GRS Graduate Admissions website for the online application), and must include a personal statement, letters of recommendation, GRE scores and transcripts. If you have any questions after reviewing the application materials, please contact the MA Program Coordinator at (617) 353-6423.

Financial assistance for students in the MA program is not available within the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences. For information on loans, work study, etc., applicants should visit the GRS financial aid web site.

The Program Admissions Committee takes into consideration all of the information contained in the complete application, looking for evidence of the ability to successfully complete a demanding course of study. The Committee carefully reviews letters of reference, the personal statement, earlier academic history, and various test scores, and attempts to make fair judgments about the promise of competent performance in a graduate program.