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Prof Palmer on 200 Years of Gerrymandering

Prof Palmer with coauthor Stephen Ansolabhere (Harvard) assess the geographic compactness of every congressional district used across US history in a recent article at the Ohio State University Law Journal. They find that approximately 20% of all districts are less compact than the original gerrymander. Read more here:

Upcoming Event on Controversial Executive Order

Professor Sapiro moderates a discussion with BU colleagues on “Muslims, Refugees & Immigrants: Making Sense of the Trump Administration’s Controversial Executive Order” at the Howard Thurman Center on Feb 9 from 7-830pm.

Article by Profs Einstein & Glick in CityLab

An article by Professors Katie Einstein and David Glick (featuring data from the Menino Survey of Mayors) was just published in the Urban Affairs Review ( and featured in The Atlantic’s Citylab (

Prof Kriner’s Work in NY Times Article

Prof Douglas Kriner’s work (with coauthor Francis Shen) is discussed in a recent article in the New York Times on the Vietnam War. Read more here:

Graduate Student Claudia Kim Publishes Article

Political Science PhD student, Claudia Kim has published a peer-reviewed article in The Pacific Review.  You can read her article: “War over framing: base politics in South Korea,” here.

Poli Sci Graduate in the Peace Corps

Political Science graduate, Megan Shoemaker, is now serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea.  An essay about her was published earlier this year in Peace Corps East.

Graduate Student Greg Winger Publishes Article

Graduate student Greg Winger has recently published an article in the most recent volume of Armed Forces and Society: “Prospect Theory and Civil-Military Conflict: The Case of the 1976 Korean Axe Murder Incident.”

Professor Spencer Piston Publishes Two Articles

Professor Spencer Piston has recently published two articles: “The Political Consequences of Latino Prejudice Against Blacks” (co-authored with Yanna Krupnikov) in Public Opinion Quarterly and covered in the New York Times “Saving Face: Identifying Voter Responses to Black and Female Candidates ” (co-authored with Yanna Krupnikov and Nichole Bauer) in Political Psychology (online).