Charles River Campus Proposal Submission Process

General Information:

  • As early in the application process as possible, the PI should contact the OSP Research Administrator (RA) assigned to his or her school or department to let OSP know about the planned application. The OSP RA will read the sponsor’s solicitation carefully in preparation for reviewing the proposal and is available to provide advice and guidance regarding proposal development.
  • When the application is complete, it must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Department Chair/Center Director and Dean, and by the Office of Sponsored Programs. The application must be accompanied by the following internal forms:
    • Proposal Summary Form (PSF) — this form requires basic administrative and fiscal information about the application, and must be signed by the PI, the appropriate Department Chair/Center Director, and the Dean. In the event that the application is an NIH Multi-Investigator application, each PI and his/her respective chair and dean must also sign the PSF.
    • Export Controls Checklist (required for PIs from mathematics, science, and engineering departments only), completed and signed by the PI.
    • Conflict of Interest Disclosure forms completed and signed by each investigator who will work on the project.
  • Additional information that should accompany the application includes:
    • A detailed budget for each year of the project (except in the case of NIH modular grants);
  • Please see the recently adopted policy stating that applications should be received in OSP five business days before the agency deadline. Deans may require additional time in advance of this deadline for review; please consult your Dean’s office for guidance.

Applications Including Subawards:

  • If the application includes a subaward, please also include the following:
    • A letter of endorsement, signed by an authorized official at the subcontractor’s institution;
    • A Scope of Work describing the subcontractor’s work on the project;
    • A detailed budget for each project year;
    • A detailed budget justification;
    • A copy of the subcontractor’s most recent negotiated rate agreement;
    • CVs for Key Personnel; and
    • If applicable, information on the status of IRB or IACUC approvals.

Paper Application Submission:

  • If the application will be submitted in paper format, once the University has authorized the application, the Proposal Coordinator in OSP will contact the PI (or department administrator, if preferred) to pick up the application. The PI or departmental administrator will make the required number of copies and send the application to the sponsor.

Electronic Application Submission:

  • If the sponsor requires electronic proposal submission by an Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR), OSP will submit the proposal on behalf of the AOR. Additional information about electronic proposal submission, including instructions specific to the major federal sponsors, can be found at here.