General information for OSP-MED electronic submission

Most OSP-MED applications are submitted to the National Institutes of Health, where nearly all grant applications are submitted electronically. Many other sponsors are using electronic application submission procedures, also. To meet this challenge, two university units work together: OSP-MED, which submits all grant applications for research on behalf of BUMC investigators, and Research Systems, which manages the BUMC network infrastructure. Profiles must be created within each unit.

OSP-MED: To submit an electronic application to NIH and access NIH’s electronic research administration features, investigators must have an account with OSP-MED and have an active eRA Commons profile. Contact OSP-MED (617-638-4600 or email to Marilyn Ledbetter-Johnson) to create a new account or affiliate an existing Commons account.

Research Systems: Investigators contact Research Systems to set up a user folder, then map a network drive to it before using it for their electronic applications. Within the folder are ‘Working’ and ‘Ready for Submission’ subfolders in which investigators place their proposals as they are taking shape, concurrently with OSP-MED review of the internal documents. When all components of the application have been uploaded into the final SF424 file and all documentation has been accepted, the OSP-MED research administrator retrieves the file from ‘Ready for Submission’ and submits it to before the deadline. Mac users: copying files from your Mac desktop into your “Ready for Submission” folder requires a work-around that has been described here.

Note: electronic submissions to require exact wording and format, down to the last hyphen. Accordingly, see What To Enter into Electronic Forms.