BU-VA Information for Applications (MED)

Boston University is an academic affiliate of VA Boston Health Care System (VABHS), located at 150 South Huntington Ave, Boston, and the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital (Bedford VA), located at 200 Springs Rd, Bedford, MA.

Mechanisms used to establish funding with federal entities, as for example, a Department of Veterans Affairs facility, include Intergovernmental Personnel Agreements (IPAs) and contracts.

IPAs are established between the federal government entity (usually, VA) and Boston University, while contracts may be established between BU and VA, and between BU and the VA non-profit research foundations that operate on VA premises. At VA Boston Health Care System, Boston VA Research Institute (BVARI) is the non-profit entity. At Beford VA, the Bedford VA Research Corporation (BRCI) is the entity.