Table of Contents

Topics of particular interest to

Faculty Dept. Admin.
Chapter 1. Standards for the Conduct of Research at Boston University
1.1 Boston University Standards of Business Conduct X X
1.2 Academic Fraud and Misconduct X
1.3 Faculty Training X
1.4 Responsible Conduct of Research X
1.4.1 Authorship X
1.4.2 Mentorship/Supervision of Research Trainees X
1.4.3 Management of Data X
1.5 Sexual Harassment X X
1.6 Equal Opportunity X X
1.7 Disclosure of Conflict of Interest X
1.8 Outside Interests and Employment X X
1.9 Use of Boston University’s Name X X
1.10 Openness in Research X X
1.11 Publication Rights X X
1.12 Patents, Licensing and Copyrights X X
Chapter 2. General Guidance on the Administration of Sponsored Projects
2.1 What is a Sponsored Project X
2.2 Gifts X
2.3 Who Can Submit a Proposal for Externally Sponsored Activity? X
2.4 Other Personnel Involved in the Conduct of Research X
2.4.1 Visiting Researcher X X
2.4.2 Visiting Fellows X X
2.4.3 Research Fellow X X
2.4.4 Postdoctoral Fellow X X
2.4.5 Postdoctoral Associate X X
2.4.6 Senior Postdoctoral Associate X X
2.4.7 Managerial and Professional Staff X X
2.4.8 Clerical and Technical Staff X
2.4.9 Temporary Replacement Staff X
2.5 Administrative Offices in Support of Resaerch X X
2.5.1 Corporate Responsibilities X
2.6 Roles and Responsibilites X X
2.6.1 Pricipal Investigators/Program Directors X
2.6.2 Deans and Chairs X
2.6.3 The Departmental Business Office X
2.6.4 Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) X X
2.6.5 Post Award Financial Operations (PAFO) X
Chapter 3.  Assurances for Proposal Submission
3.1 Human Subjects Research X
3.1.1 HIPAA Privacy and Secuirty X
3.1.2 Project-Specific Conflict of Interest X
3.2 Animal Care and Use X
3.3 Environmental Health and Safety X
3.4 Biological Safety X
3.5 Radiation Safety X
3.6 Chemical Safety X
3.7 Select Agents X
3.8 Controlled Substances X
3.9 Purchasing/Shipping Hazardous Materials and Other Restricted Iteams X
3.10 Emergency Response Planning X
3.11 Policy for the Review of Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESC) X
3.12 Export Controls X
3.13 Minors in Labs X X
Chapter 4. Sources of Project Support
4.1 University Support X
4.1.1 Limited Submissions and Internal Competittions X
4.1.2 Federal X
4.1.3 Not-For-Profit Sponsors X
4.1.4 Commerical Sponsors X
4.1.5 Industry Supported Clinical Trails X
4.1.6 Start-Up Sponsored Agreements X
Chapter 5. Proposal Development
5.1 Types of Proposals X X
5.2 Inital Contact with the Sponsor X
5.3 Registering as a PI with Federal Agencies X X
5.4 Proposal Preparation X X
5.5 Componets of a Proposal X X
5.6 Helpful Hints and Resources X X
Chapter 6. Budget Development
6.1 Principles of Sponsored Project Support X X
6.1.1 Reasonableness X X
6.1.2 Allocability X X
6.1.3 Consistency X X
6.1.4 Allowability X X
6.2 Developing a Proposal Budget X X
6.3 NIH Modular Budgets X X
6.4 Major Budget Categories for Non Modular Budgets X X
6.4.1 Direct Costs X X Personnel Costs X X Fringe Benefits X X Consultants X X Graduate Students X X Equipment X X Materials and Supplies X Travel X Patient Care Costs X Alterations, Renovations and Construction Costs X Other Direct Costs X Subcontracts/Subawards X Costs of Special Audits X
6.4.2 Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A) X Federal F&A Rates X Non-Federal Overhead Rates  – Non-Profit Organizations Waivers or Reduction of Overhead X
6.5 Clinical Trial Budgeting X
6.6 Cost-Sharing and Matching Funds X X
6.7 Representations and Certifications X
Chapter 7. Proposal Review, Approval, and Processing
7.1 Required Review and Signatures X
7.2 Procedures for the Submission of Proposals X
7.3 Transmission of Proposal to Sponsor X
7.3.1 Paper Transmission
7.3.2 Electronic Submissions X
7.4 Deadlines X
7.5 Pre-Award Audit/Additional Information X
7.6 Proposal and Award Tracking X
7.7 Site Visits X
7.8 Protection of Confidential or Sensitive Proposal Information X
7.8.1 Labeling of Proprietary Information X
Chapter 8. Award Acceptance
8.1 Types of Awards X X
8.1.1 Grants X X
8.1.2 Contracts X X
8.1.3 Cooperative Agreements X
8.1.4 Other Transaction Awards X
8.2 Receipt of Award X
8.3 Requesting and Modifying a Sponsored Project
8.4 Negotiation/Acceptance
8.5 Signature Authority X
8.6 Account Set-Up X
8.7 Pre-Award/Late-Award Account Set-Up (At-Risk Accounts) X
Chapter 9. Post-Award Administration
9.1 Financial Management
9.2 Personnel
9.3 Post-Award Changes and Approvals X
9.4 Re-Budgeting of Funds and Prior Approval X
9.5 No-Cost Extensions X
9.6 Relinquishment of an Award X
9.7 Allowability of Costs (see also Chapter 6.1) X
9.7.1 Cost Allocations X
9.8 Cost Transfers
9.9 Effort Committing and Reporting
9.9.1 Committing Effort X X
9.9.2 Certifying Effort X X
9.9.3 Activitird Associated with Sponsored Project Effort X X Examples of activities that are part of Sponsored Project Effort X X Examples of activities that are not part of Sponsored Project Effort X X
9.9.4 Important Considerations X X
9.10 Other Financial Management Issues X
9.10.1 Strategic Sourcing and Procurement X
9.10.2 Equipment X
9.10.3 Animal Charges X
9.10.4 Travel X
9.10.5 Program Income X X
9.10.6 Interest Bearing Accounts X
9.10.7 Internal Service Providers X
9.10.8 Financial Monitoring X
9.10.9 Sub-Recipient Monitoring X X
9.10.10 Project Reporting and Financial Closeout X
9.10.11 Fixed Price Awards X X
9.11 Audits X X
9.11.1 Overview
9.11.2 Pre-Award Audits X X
9.11.3 Post Award and System Audits X
9.11.4 Audit Requests X
9.11.5 Entrance Conference X
9.11.6 Documentation Requests X
9.11.7 Exit Conference and Audit Reports X
Chapter 10. Other Awards and Agreements
10.1 Collaborateive Agreements X
10.2 Service Agreements X
10.3 Material Transfer Agreements X
10.4 Intergovernmental Personnel Act X X
10.5 Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) X
10.6 Faulty External Consulting Agreements X
Chapter 11. Transfer Issues in Grant Adminitration
11.1 Policies and Procedures for when a PI/PD Leaves Boston Univerisity X
11.1.1 NIH Awards X X
11.1.2 NSF Awards X X
11.1.3 Other Sponsors and Non-Tansferable Awards X X
11.1.4 Transfer and Disposition of Equipment X X
11.1.5 Safety, Research, and Administrative Considerations Upon LeavingBoston Univeristy X X
Chapter 12. Other Concerns
12.1 Acknoweldgement of Support X
12.2 Public Access Policy (NIH) X