Proposal Preparation

5.4 Proposal Preparation

The format or presentation of a particular proposal will depend on the requirements of the sponsor. Most sponsors have developed policies and procedures for the submission of proposals and may require the use of specific application forms or electronic web-based systems. Other sponsors may have less stringent format requirements. In any case, PI/PDs should obtain the most recent version of the sponsor’s application guidelines and follow the required proposal format. Guidelines or urls should be forwarded to OSP along with the application for review well in advance of the due date of the proposal to facilitate timely internal review and processing. OSP reserves the right to withhold submission or to withdraw the application if the terms of the grant do not comply with BU policies.

 It is a good idea, particularly for new investigators, to start the writing process months in advance of any expected due date. Estimates of the total time devoted to producing a new application may range from two to three months or longer. Revised applications and renewals usually take less time but are still a major effort that should not be underestimated.