Post Award Financial Operations

2.6.5 Post Award Financial Operations (PAFO)

Post Award Financial Operations works closely with the University’s research community to provide seamless processes from pre-award to post-award activities while ensuring compliance and consistency with overall fiscal management. PAFO’s responsibilities include research accounting and financial management functions, time and effort certifications, indirect cost rate calculation and negotiations, service center administration, property management, coordination of the annual Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133 audit and periodic agency audits, the creation and implementation of related policies and business processes, and oversight of systems and training.

The primary responsibilities of PAFO during the post-award phase of a sponsored research project include:
• Providing post-award financial administration support to departments, including monitoring of accounts.
• Providing financial reporting to sponsors.
• Managing receivables, billings, and letter of credit (LOC) draws.
• Following up with sponsors on outstanding payments as required by the terms of agreements.
• Overseeing the administration of the effort reporting function, including the Personnel Activity Reporting System.
• Coordinating government, private sponsor, and public accounting firm audits.
• Developing and negotiating federal Facilities and Administrative (F&A) and fringe benefit rate agreements.
• Conducting space function and departmental administration surveys.
• Reviewing and approving calculated rates for Service Centers (see 9.10.7).