Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

2.6.4 Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

The Office of Sponsored Programs’ mission is to provide comprehensive support services to faculty, professional staff, and students at Boston University for the successful administration of their research projects. OSP is responsible for providing assistance to faculty, PI/PDs, other researchers, and their administrators in the identification of resources for research and other scholarly activities. Additionally, the office generates and processes proposals to external entities and manages individual sponsored projects consistent with Boston University’s academic and research policies, and with the stewardship requirements of and obligations to external sponsors.

In summer 2009, the sponsored programs office began reporting to the Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs. OSP is charged with the following functions:

  • Assigning a Research Administrator to each department or school whose responsibility is to assist the departmental administrator and faculty in successful administration of the research project.
  • Reviewing proposals for compliance with all applicable institutional policies as well as all sponsored program requirements, including application requirements.
  • Alerting PI/PDs and/or departments to potential problems with the funding source (e.g., onerous reporting requirements, problematic intellectual property policies, etc.).
  • Ensuring that information provided related to any required assurances to federal agencies are accurate and complete (i.e., the use of human subjects or animals in research, lobbying, conflict of interest, etc.).
  • Requesting approval for any unusual sponsor requirements such as waiver of indirect costs, restrictions on dissemination of results, and restrictions on publications.
  • Verifying cost share commitments and/or matching funds.
  • Verifying documentation for subcontractors and/or consultants.
  • Reviewing proposal routing form for appropriate signatures and PI/PD compliance with relevant special reviews.
  • Signing/obtaining signatures on proposals for submission to sponsors.
  • Submission of proposals to sponsors, including submission of electronic proposals.
  • Reviewing and negotiating grant and contract awards.
  • Providing financial and administrative management and monitoring of sub-recipient agreements.  Note: Responsibility for management and monitoring of sub-recipient agreements is shared between OSP and PAFO and is further detailed in the new Sub-recipient Manual.
  • In addition to the functions listed in 2.6.4, OSP provides support for all industry sponsored research conducted at BUMC or BMC, including reviewing proposals and negotiating clinical study agreements.