Material Transfer Agreements

10.3 Material Transfer Agreements
Material transfer agreements (MTAs) are agreements that set the terms on which proprietary materials are transferred by BU to, or received by BU from, another institution for use by designated persons in specified research protocols. Proprietary materials that are often transferred under an MTA include, for example, certain chemical compounds and genetically altered mice. MTAs address the scope of permitted use, publication, and the respective intellectual property rights of the transferor and the recipient. The terms of these agreements vary depending upon whether the materials are “incoming” or “outgoing,” and whether the other party is an academic institution or a for-profit company. Hazardous materials and materials to be used in humans may be transferred under an MTA, but special conditions will apply.

Researchers generally initiate an incoming transfer by obtaining a standard form from the transferring institution. Faculty members typically deal directly with OSP on incoming MTAs and with the Office of Technology Development on outgoing MTAs, and if receiving materials are often required to sign the MTA. As with other agreements, an authorized institutional signature is required in addition to the signature of the PI/PD. Where possible, the federally developed MTAs are used. Currently, work is underway to standardize MTA agreements and the processes relating to them.
For Additional Information see: Material Transfer Agreement Guidance on the OSP Policy page