COS Searches by Key Words or Affinity

Two easy steps to setting up a customized search based on keywords:

  1. Click a keyword, which opens a webpage of results.
  2. If you have a COS Profile, save that search to your COS Workbench and/or set up your own alerts.

See the bottom of this page for search parameters.  Have a suggestion for additional keywords?  Email your suggestions to: bumc-OSPMEDFeedback.

Search Parameters/Explanation of COS Search Fields:

  • Description of the searcher=academic institution, or non-profit, or person with Ph.D., M.D., or other terminal professional degree;
  • Activity location=United States, or any result that does not specify a location;
  • Sponsor type=any sponsor type;
  • Funding type=research (fellowships, prizes, etc although included in the COS database are restricted from a research-only search.