Google releases 2016 journal metrics

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Google has just released the 2016 edition of Google Scholar Metrics. This ranking of important scholarly journals is available across many relevant categories and subcategories, and includes journals in various languages.

You can find nearly all of the ranked journals represented in BU Libraries Search. For more details on the 2016 release, see the announcement from Google.

How do I get a copy of a dissertation or thesis?

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Dissertation of Tom MagliozziThe BU Libraries maintain a subscription to ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global which is the primary database for digital dissertations. The database provides full text (PDF) access to most of the dissertations added since 1997. Dissertations from prior to 1997 may be found in the database, but generally only as abstracts. Physical copies of older dissertations are usually kept only at the school at which they were written.

To determine the current location of an older BU dissertation, please check BU Libraries Search. Dissertations from other institutions may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

Please see our FAQ on this topic for further information, or to review additional dissertation and theses FAQs.

If you need help finding a dissertation or thesis, please contact a reference librarian.

MET ML719: Food Values: Local to Global Food Policy, Practice, and Performance

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foodsys vegmyth foodpolitics foodpolicy

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    Additional Resources

    Eleni Castro

    July 5th, 2016 in

    Igbo Language Learning Resources

    July 1st, 2016 in

    Dictionaries & Other General Works.

    English, Ibo and French dictionary by the Fathers of the Holy Ghost, Roman Catholic Mission, Onitsha, Southern-Nigeria.
    by Holy Ghost Fathers. Published 1904.

    Author: Igwe, G. E.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.4 .I39 1999 )

    Description: v. 1. A glossary of English-Igbo technical terms in language, literature and methodology.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.4 .I33 1990 )

    Author: Nnaji, H. I.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.4 .N6 1985 )

    Author: Welmers, Beatrice F.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.Z5 W4aM ), Reference (PL8261.Z5 W4aM )

    Modern Igbo DictionaryModern Igbo Dictionary: Igbo-English, English-Igbo (kasahorow English Igbo)
    by kasahorow (Author)
    CreateSpace Independent Publishing; 2014
    Currently not in BU libraries collection. Click here to request InterLibrary Loan from another library.

    AwdeN-Igbo English Dictionary  Igbo-English English-Igbo Dictionary and Phrasebook.
    [By] Nicholas Awde & Onyakechi Wambu.
    Hippocrene Books; Poc edition (May 1, 1999).
    Currently not in BU libraries collection. Click here to request InterLibrary Loan from another library.

    Bocker--a-comprehensive-dictionary-of-the-igbo-languageIgbo-English Dictionary : A Comprehensive Dictionary of the Igbo Language, with an English-Igbo Index.
    Michael J. C. Echeruo.
    [New Haven]: Yale University Press; 1998.
    Currently not in BU libraries collection. Click here to request InterLibrary Loan from another library.

    Phrase/Word books & Basic textbooks

    Igbo Basic Course.
    [by] B. Swift, A. Ahaghotu [and] E. Ugorji.
    Washington: Dept. of State – Foreign Service Institute, 1962.

    A comparative wordlist of five Igbo dialects.
    Armstrong, Robert G.,
    Occasional publication (University of Ibadan. Institute of African Studies) ; no. 5

    Author: Okoreaffia, C. O.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261 .O43M )

    Author: Kelly, Bernard J.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.1 .K45 1954 )

    Author: Agụ-Ọfọdile, Modesta Chinyere.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261 .A38 1997 )

    Author: Abraham, Roy Clive.
    Available at Folio (DT19.95.I3 F60 no. 4 )

    Author: Ward, Ida C.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261 .W3 1936 )

    Author: Okoreaffia, C. O.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.1 .O56 1960z )

    Author: Welmers, William Everett
    Available at Reference (PL8261 .W4aM )

    Author: Green, Margaret Mackeson.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.3 .G7M )

    Author: Dalẹgan, I. A.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261 .D35 1966 )

    Available at Stacks (PL8261 .I37 )

    Readers & other Igbo text materials

    N’Asusu Ibo. Foreign Bible Society. 1913. London: British and Foreign Bible Society.

    Part of the The Rosetta Project: A Long Now Foundation Library of Human Language.

    The Holy Bible in Igbo. British and Foreign Bible Society. 1982. British and Foreign Bible Society.

    Part of the The Rosetta Project: A Long Now Foundation Library of Human Language.

    Available at Stacks (PL8261.2 .M35 1973 )

    Author: Nnabụihe, Chigọzie B.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261 .N625 2005 )

    Udo ka mma (1974)
    Author: Chukuezi, Anelechi B.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.9.C45 U36 2000 )

    Author: Ugonna, Nnabuenyi
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.5 .U46 1984 )

    Author: Achara, D. N.

    Available at Stacks (PL8261.Z77 A37 1962 )


    Proverbs, Parables& Folklore

    The Ancestors’ beads.
    Noss, Philip A. 1989. Crosscurrent (Hamilton, N.Z.) ; v. 2, no. 3-4
    Formulaic opening and ending for Igbo folktales / Chidi Ikonné — Lullabies and the art of traditional babysitting / Ebele Eko — Julius Chongo’s adaptation of Nyanja Nthano to the radio / Ernst Wendland — The ideophone poems of Dogobadomo / Philip A. Noss — Oral tradition and social change in contemporary Africa / Kofi Agovi — To be seen and to be heard : translating oral poetry / Kofi Anyidoho.

    Author: Amadiume, Solomon.
    Description: v. 1. Translation, explanation, and usage : with a comparison with some Hausa proverbs -- v. 2. Suitable proverbs for different occasions translated ; similarities between Igbo and Yoruba proverbs.
    Available at Stacks (PN6519.I33 A43 1994 )

    Author: Ọgbalụ, F. Chidozie.
    Available at Stacks (PN6519.I4 O4M )

    Author: Azinge, J. B.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.8 .A88M )


    Grammar & Linguistics

    Grammaire Ibo.
    par Le P.A. Ganot.
    Onica, Niger: Catholic Mission , 1899.

    PHOIBLE Online.
    Moran, Steven & McCloy, Daniel & Wright, Richard (eds.) 2014.
    Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
    (Available online at, Accessed on 2016-07-01.)

    Author: Carrell, Patricia L.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261 .F70 )

    Igbo grammar (1997)
    Author: Ụwalaka, M. A. A. N.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.1 .U8 1997 )

    Author: Ukairo, G. U.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.1 .U34 )

    Author: Oluikpe, Benson Omenihu A.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.95.N48 O48 1979 )

    Author: Uwalaka, M. A. A. N.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.1 .U9 1988 )

    Author: Adams, R. F. G.
    Available at Off-site Storage: sign in and request (PL8261 .F32 )

    Author: Emenanjọ, E. Nọlue.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.1 .E5M )

    Author: Abraham, Roy Clive.
    Available at Folio (DT19.95.I3 F60 no. 4 )

    Author: Igwe, G. E.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261.1 .I4 1964 )

    Author: Green, M. M.
    Available at Stacks (PL8261 .F631 )

    Audiovisuals in Igbo

    The 200 Words Project – Igbo
    Boston University African Studies Center. African Languages Program. Boston, MA. The 200 Word Project allows students to listen to first language speakers pronounce 200 common words and practice their pronunciation.

    The African Proverbs Project – Igbo Proverbs .
    Boston University African Studies Center. African Languages Program. Boston, MA. Collection of ten advanced level Igbo lessons, each linked to an Igbo proverb.
    Contributors: William H. Jacobsen (researcher), George Okoli (consultant).
    Duration: 16 minutes
    Description: Recording made by William H. Jacobsen of elicitation in Ibo with consultant George Okoli from Ókú, Nigeria. The elicitation is broken into three parts: (1) elicitation of 50 “picture texts” (descriptions of the pictures catalogued in 2014-21.005.009); (2) elicitation of 63 words showing tonal contrasts; and (3) elicitation of an additional 20 words, some showing tonal contrasts.
    Associated materials: Audio recordings associated with the Materials can be accessed online through the California Language Archive. In particular, audio recordings are located in The William H. Jacobsen, Jr. collection of Antoniaño Salinan sound recordings (LA 69), The William H. Jacobsen, Jr. collection of Washo sound recordings (LA 53), and the William H. Jacobsen, Jr. collection of Makah sound recordings (LA 52).
    Collection: William H. Jacobsen Materials on Indigenous Languages of North America

    Ibo (Obi Nwana, speaker). Arthur Capell (compiler); Arthur Capell (recorder); Obi Nwana (speaker). 1962. Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC)

    Description: Witness an uncompromising portrait of a young man's initiation into a men's secret society. It begins with the elder griot and praise singer talking about the origins of the "Owu" society. Two keepers of tradition, the griot and the town's oldest woman and female griot, Ezenwanyi (Leader of Women), narrate this film continuing their role as commentators in the life of the village. Owu explores the pluralistic lives of Africans as they come up against westernized Christian influence. Many significant rituals are filmed for the first time. The program shows respect for the subject's traditions.

    Description: Monday's Girls explores the conflict between modern individualism and traditional communities in today's Africa through the eyes of two young Waikiriki women from the Niger delta. Although both come from leading families in the same large island town, Florence looks at the iria women's initiation ceremony as an honor, while Azikiwe, who has lived in the city for ten years, sees it as an indignity. Ngozi Onwurah, director of such feminist classics as Coffee Coloured Children and Body Beautiful, herself an Anglo-Nigerian, turns a wry but sympathetic eye on the cross-cultural confusions. The five week long iria ritual is overseen by post-menopausal women headed by the redoubtable Monday Moses (hence the title.) The girls are paraded bare-breasted before the entire community so their nipples can be examined to determine whether they are still virgins. They are then confined to the "fattening rooms," their legs immobilized in copper impala rings, where they are pampered and fed. Finally, the girls, now women, are presented to society, wearing yards of fabric around their waists indicating each family's wealth - and suggesting pregnancy. The film traces the girls' contrasting responses to each stage of the ritual. Florence, who is Monday's granddaughter, comments at the end of the ceremony, "I'm not fat, but I am grown up now," but even she decides to postpone marriage until she completes her education. Azikiwe refuses to bare her breasts and, as a result, her father is fined by the outraged villagers and she is sent back to the city in disgrace. She concludes: "There are some traditions people should forget." "Skillfully blends relationships and spectacles in a film that grips and moves...A shot in the arm for ethnographic television." - Time In (London) "A daring look at the negotiation of multiple issues of gendered identities, individual versus communal voices, traditions versus modernity." - Maureen Eke, Central Michigan University. Monday's Girls calls into question the idea of a single, "ethnographically correct" representation of tradition. Rituals are revealed as fluid, polysemous texts, social contracts continuously renegotiated between individuals and communities. For millions of Africans like Azikiwe, tradition is increasingly seen as a matter of individual choice not social coercion.

    Publisher: Kassel : Bärenreiter-Musicaphon
    Available at Phonodisc (M2.A4 C65M no. 11 )


    Community Resources

    Here is a list of community organizations or religious institutions or business establishments where Igbo language learner/s can meet native Igbo speakers as well as learn more about Igbo culture. Note that efforts have been made to include all community resources. However, the list is not exclusive, there might be other resources which we are not aware of.

    Action Congress of Nigeria, New England Chapter
    5 Wayne Street
    Cambridge, MA 02121
    (857) 236-2729

    Bridge Nigeria, Inc
    P O Box 381161
    Cambridge, MA 02238-1161

    Igbo Organization of New England
    1 North St
    Randolph, Massachusetts 02368

    465 Columbus Avenue # 205, Boston, MA 02116
    Tel: (Hm)-617-266-0842; E-mail:

    Nigerian Catholic Community
    St. Katharine Drexel Parish. Boston, MA 02121-0208
    Parish Office:(617)445-8915

    Nigerian-American Association
    200 Highland Street
    Worcester, MA 01609-2229
    (508) 752-0983

    Nigerian-American Multi Service Association
    1074 Hyde Park Avenue
    Suite 001
    Boston, MA 02136
    (617) 415-1938

    Nigerian Association of Merrimack Valley (NAMV)
    PO Box 1153
    Lowell, MA 01853
    978 458 9800

    Nigerian Fellowship @ Trinity Church Boston
    206 Clarendon St,
    Boston, MA 02116
    (617) 536-0944
    For Nigerian Fellowship, contact Joyce Nwosu, 781-888-0802.

    Nigerian Islamic Society Of Massachusetts
    1309 Commonwealth Avenue
    Allston, MA 02134

    Nigerian Students Association of MIT
    77 Massachusetts Avenue
    Cambridge, MA 02139

    Nigerian Youth Organization of Boston
    PO Box 191039
    Boston, MA 02119-0037


    July 4th – BU Libraries Closed

    June 27th, 2016 in Feature

    All BU libraries will be closed on Monday July 4, 2016. For information regarding a particular library schedule over the holiday weekend, please consult the Hours Page or phone the library directly.

    Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from Great Britain. The holiday is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, picnics, concerts, baseball games, political speeches and ceremonies, and other events celebrating the history and traditions of the United States.

    Video produced by the Anita Greene Student Working group of Boston University Libraries

    New eResource: CEPR Discussion Papers

    June 21st, 2016 in Feature

    CEPRWe are pleased to announce that the BU Libraries have recently added CEPR Discussion Papers to its electronic collections. CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research) publishes more than 700 Discussion Papers per year on a variety of subject areas.  The Discussion Papers archive consists of more than 10,000 papers from 1984 through the present. CEPR Discussion Papers may be found by searching for it by name through the BU Libraries Search.  We will also be adding this resource to research guides and database lists on the library website.

    If you have any questions about CEPR Discussion Papers, please contact a reference librarian.


    Using Google Scholar Related Searches

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    Need help researching a new topic? Sometimes, it’s difficult to figure out which keywords to use in order to get the best results. Utilizing Google Scholar’s related searches feature can help with this problem.

    For example, take the search phrase differentiated instruction. As you can see from the search results, Google Scholar offers many articles on the topic. However, if you want ideas of what query to use to find articles about specific topics in differentiation, scroll to the bottom of the page and see the related searches, which are pictured below.

    Related Searches

    These related searches offer up keywords to help you research many different aspects of differentiated instruction such as how to implement it, ways to group students, and the varying types of differentiation required for gifted students and emergent bilinguals. Additionally, these recommended search queries may point you to specific researchers, like Tomlinson, who are experts in the subject.

    Next time you’re researching a new topic, make sure you check out Google Scholar’s search suggestions!

    New market research handbooks available

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    RetailLeisure Pardee Management Library recently added two market research handbooks to its electronic collections.

    Retail Business Market Research Handbook 2015-2016 provides comprehensive retail market data and analyses, including: market data by sector; discussion of trends and current business activities; discussion of emerging markets; review of financial performance of market leaders; retail brand valuations; assessment of retail shopper satisfaction; profiles of malls and shopping centers; assessment of consumer packaged goods, health/beauty/cosmetics, home furnishings, licensed merchandise, and luxury brands; Christmas holiday, back-to-school, and back-to-college spending data; analysis of supermarket and drugstore segments; and analysis of the bridal and wedding market.

    Leisure Business Market Research Handbook 2015-2016 presents an in-depth assessment of leisure, examining the market within the scope of such topics and entertainment and amusement, cultural and creative activities, hobbies, lifestyle activities, and sports and recreation. A total of 95 unique segments of leisure are assessed, covering virtually every activity where consumers spend their non-working time and discretionary income. Most chapters provide statistics on participation and expenditures, market characteristics and trends, demographics, and a list of resources for further research.

    If you have any questions, or need help accessing these handbooks, please contact the Pardee Library Reference Desk.

    WS213: Sexism in the 21st Century

    June 6th, 2016 in

    measure  beautymisogyny genderintersection

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